I Love Whales

January 17, 2012
By Kelab_the_Killer BRONZE, Williamsport, Pennsylvania
Kelab_the_Killer BRONZE, Williamsport, Pennsylvania
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Dear members of the IWC,

Imagine a whale is swimming in the water of Japan. “BOOOOOOOOM”, the whale is hit in the back with a harpoon. It is tied to a boat that has written on it the word research; it spends half an hour choking on its own blood. The only problem is that they don’t eat the meat or use the bones for anything. The meat is poisoning the children of Japan. Together we must stop whaling.
First, whales should be treated the same as other animals, there are many whales. 29 million dollars was spent on whaling that doesn’t need to happen. 95% of people eat little or no whale meat. Last year Japan caught 1/5 of the expected catch. Mercury in the meat can cause severe mental retardation. The Japanese people don’t know what is in the meat.
Also, whaling could create jobs for Japanese people. Whales should never be killed to create jobs. Japan can’t afford to keep whaling when their people are suffering. Hunting for whales is a cruel sport and trait.
Next, when whales are melted down they create and the blubber is used for oil to heat houses. The problem with this is that you need to be a robot to melt whales down for oil. 88 crew and 3 ships go to have a yearly battle over whales. Whaling is also a very hard practice.
Therefore, the positive things are this is can create jobs and heat peoples houses. I believe that the cons outweigh the pros. The only way whale is if you have no heart. There are many cons to whaling and that’s why we need to stop whaling. Think about a harpoon being thrust through you and think about the whales that this is happening to. No animal should suffer like the whales are.

Caleb C.

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I love whales.

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