That Anonymous Call

February 9, 2017
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I had joined this new school lately. There were loads of new oppurtunities and loads of new people to interact with. Being an introvert, it was quite difficult for me to talk to others. I never could frame my feelings all straight in a perfectly constructed sentence that the other person could interpret correctly. I remember bunches of people approaching me and me running away to avoid an interaction. After being thrown out of my previous school and being seperated by my dearest friends, I never though I could make friends once again. Days in school back then was awful. Due to having no one around, I was the favourite pick of all the bullies. They would come and go, leaving an impression quite persistent on my mind. Getting teased or bullied the whole day felt awful. I would cry tears at the back but tried to stay brave and confident on the outside. Despite several taunts, I would greet them with a smile. I could have broken down completely and lost track had not I received that anonymous phone call. One fine day, while I was at home thinking about the complexities emerging due to those bullies, I received a phone call. Despite asking numerous times, the person that side did not reveal identity. I could figure out that it was a lady. She spoke to me about her school life, her problems and her solutions to them. She gave me hopes and positive vibes which changed my approach towards life. From the next day, I learnt to withstand everything with a smile. Further I realized it is us who makes all the difference. Our attitude speaks for us even before our words. It is we that matters at the last. Through this, I want to send many anynomous calls to all persons suffering from pain due to bullying. Hope my calls wake up a positive side of life in your lives.

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