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April 29, 2014
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Many of you will think this is just another story of a teenager looking for attention. But its not. I’ve finally come to my senses and want my story to get out there. My story may not be like everyone else’s but it still has meaning and this is one of the toughest things I’ve ever written. It started back in 3rd grade, when some girls in my class began threatening me, not just your little kid threat like “I’m going to tell on”, no it was along the lines of “i’m going to kill you” or “I’m going to get my big sister to beat you up.” I never really understood why they said that to me. To this day I still don’t know why they said it to me. Did I say something wrong to them at one point? Did I “cut” them in the lunch line? What did I ever do? These threats didn’t just happen for one day. they continually happened for at least a three months. These were a group of girls that were already intimating enough just because of how much taller they were than me. They would lunge at me as if they were coming to punch me or something in that form. I pretty positive thats why today I’m extremely skittish when ever someone gets close to me at all. I don’t like people being close to me at all. The thought of any of this just gets me upset at the thought. There were so many days that I would try to get my mom to let me stay home because I didn’t want to have to be near them. This is the first time any of this has ever been written down or that anyone has ever heard about this.

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