see her walking

April 23, 2014
Do you know her name? How about her story? You push and tease her, for what? You gain nothing, but the guilt that it was your fault that she now lay in the ground. The guilt that she had so much pain it dripped out of her veins. All that pain, all those tears, for what? So you could feel better about yourself? Don't you see the scars, the ones you leave on her skin, everyday from your hatred. Do you not feel like it is your fault? That you causes her to end her life, all that pain, all that fear. Now look at her, you could have just let her walk by, to let her life the rest of her life, happy. Instead you step in, and destroyed her happiness. Maybe you should tell your tale, maybe someone sould listen, maybe this is the article that will make you listen. Don't hurt her/or him, don't bully.

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