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The Horrific Terror of

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The online world has taken a step one too far, by creating a new site most teens know as This online site is unsafe and only gives bullies the opportunity to hurt more defenseless kids behind a shield. The online terror must come to an end. Many students are afraid as it is, to confront a bully in person. It is only more horrifying to not know whom you are up against. there is an area to write questions, but anything could be written there. Bullying Statistics show that 77% of kids are bullied. On a regular face-to-face basis. is just another way to breathe fear into someone. Statistics show 80% of high school students have been bullied online. Thirty five% of teens get threatened online, and 50% of all teens admit they have said something mean to another person online.

There are some ways to stay clear of this madness. DON’T get an account, soon it will die out anyway at least from what I know because half if not all of the media is bullying. The bully and the victim continue to fight on this online site. Also if you get harassed don’t reply to it soon the bully will realize you are not affected and their scheme to bully you will die out. This is not entirely the fault of the person who has signed up. It is also the fault of the creator of this site.

In my opinion is just another site to bully people and it like many other sites should be shut down. Without sites on where to bully, there is no problem, things could be resolved much easier. The reason for this is is anonymous! Causing even more problems, because no one knows who is the bully and they can get in trouble way harder. Many sites could be used for bullying but this one is the perfect opportunity for a bully to get in a few cruel thoughts.

There are many reasons why should be eliminated from the online world. One, it is unsupervised. Two, it is anonymous. Three, anyone could leave a comment on the site, even a person with out an account. There are many reasons to follow but these are just a few main points. Help stop the reign of cyber bullying by terminating one awful site at a time. The time is now to fight back, for all those kids who live in a shell because of death threats and the feeling someone is watching them. Save another life and shut down before it is too late.

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