July 6, 2013
No one should ever have to be called worthless. Why should they? They are a significant being of this beautiful world, and yet they are reduced to the word "worthless"? No one should have to feel the pain of being "nothing", a "mistake", a "waste of space". Because no one is any of these things. Everyone has the capacity to grow and change in beneficial ways. So to call someone nothing or a waste of space, it is truly stabbing them in their confidence with words. When confidence is lost, an opportunity in their future is lost. After all, it takes only an ounce of confidence to take a chance. What if they only had an ounce left and someone stole it with their horrific words and ignorant jabs? It could potentially close the door on someone's golden opportunity. Everyone's doors should be open. Everyone should have the chance to take every challenge that comes their way if they feel so inclined. Bullying takes away decisions. Bullying takes away confidence. But most people don't realize that bullying takes away opportunities. Sometimes opportunities that can never return after they have been denied because someone's confidence is so weak from the bullying they endured even years ago. Who has the right to steal someone's confidence? Who has the right to possibly ruin someone's life?

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