May 25, 2013
I know you don't really care
So tell me, please
Why do you all have to stare?
What do you want from me?
What is it that you're hoping to see?
Are you waiting for me to make a mistake?
I already told you I'm not perfect, how can I prove that, what will it take?
You can see my flaws, my broken smile
Just because I act strong doesn't mean I don't lie awake at night, crying like a child
Just because I care, I try to be smart,
Just because I want a better start
Doesn't mean I don't have a past
That I don't know that good things never last
Just because I have compassion
Because I care about you, no matter what happens
Doesn't mean I'm not hurting inside
Or that I'm willing to let you see me cry
And just because I don't breakdown and fall apart
Doesn't mean that I don't love with all the pieces of a broken heart
Yet here you are, spreading lies and secrets
Things you can't take back but don't regret
The whispers, they follow me
Every hurtful word stored in my memory
A rush of noise buzzing in my brain
Renewing and deepening the pain
Why won't they all just go away?
Not a single one could I ever hope to forget
But someday, someday soon it will get better, I'm just not there yet
I'll show you all that you were wrong
That you didn't really know me all along
And when you look for me I'll be gone
I'll be long gone
I'll show you all just what your eyes were missing
That sometimes to really see, you have to close your eyes and just listen
Listen for the sound of someone Else's need
Listen for the sound of a broken heart's beat
Listen, and you may just find
That person is me...

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