May 21, 2013
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Bullying the word means troubling and insulting for is an integral part of today's life which is common in each nook and corner of this vast matter its a child in school or a junior in college bullying has so no boundaries.The act of bullying is not a strange thing especially in schools where each kid is a victim of this horrible act.bullying is the other term used for teasing and it has a very bad impact on an individual.psychologically it is proven that bullying is the most common reason for today's crime.some innocent kids especially are helpless and in turn are sunk with depression and due to this most of the kids end their lives or either do strange actions in order to be may just make fun for example"look at his jelly belly!"so this may turn out to be something so big .people may start calling that person jelly or something like that and that may make that person loose his self-confidence and self-esteem soon unable to bear this type of mental torture the boy would either end up his life or if he is little more stronger he may start dieting and end up being sick.colleges are the next higher step for bullying they can also be called as professionals. they capture young minds and also harass them .bullying is of many types may it be out of physical appearance,social status,economic background and more...bullying though it has been a very big crime no measures are taken in order to abolish this who are teased should not let them self down but in turn they must be confident and they should learn to face such situations ."PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE"So if anyone no matter who he/she is make sure you stop that person from bullying you by telling him/her"mind it or else i will report it to my parents or teacher"this will create some kind of fear if some kind of person maybe elder or someone who is more likely to be stronger can be threatened by using the word bullying is common factor so its us who lets it to grow further its just like a weed its easy to be removed when its a little plant or else it would take you a lot of trouble if you would let it grow till it becomes a tree.avoid unwanted attention and comments which may also be like teasing.make sure you discuss such odd terms with your near and dear ones mainly your parents and teachers even friends so that they may lend you ample support.if you yourself is a part of this crime please do make sure you stop it at the grass route level or else you would be in a fix and land up in a big trouble.with these lines i would like to end this article by telling you."making fun may turn out to be a scary gun"so better safe than sorry.

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sadhya said...
May 24, 2013 at 2:19 am
thanx!for the support!
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