3rd-5th grade

May 3, 2013
By littlered23 BRONZE, Fountain Inn, South Carolina
littlered23 BRONZE, Fountain Inn, South Carolina
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When I saw in third grade, I moved to a town called Greenville. I didn’t know anybody and I moved from a small southern town, so I wasn’t used to big groups of people. Also I had the thickest southern accent that you could think of, so bad that my teachers couldn’t understand me. I had to sign up for speech therapy; the teacher was a demon from hell. She was the biggest bully to me, you see she was from up north and had this thought that all southern people are as stupid as a rock and she wouldn’t let me forget it ether. Every day for 2 years I got called stupid and that I could never understand how to speak right. The bulling didn’t stop there ether, I was a red head so naturally I would be called ginger and carrot top. These kids didn’t stop there, I would be called sinful because “I didn’t have a soul”, I was called a gift from the devil. Every day I was pushed against lockers and punch in the back of my head on the bus. I was a tiny kid so I didn’t fight back, I was afraid they would kill me. I was stabbed in the back by forks, pencils and corners of books. I told my teachers about it and few of them did much of anything. I remember this teacher laughing at me and saying that her “star” student wouldn’t hurt a fly. Complete bull s***, am I right? It didn’t stop there, cause right around this started my parents got divorced. I was a complete wreck, because my family was a tight one, they were the only people I had when I was on my old farm. I couldn’t stop crying about it, even at school. So I was called crybaby and a wimp.
I lasted that bulling until I started middle school, but there it got worse. This is the hardest for
me to say but I got sexually harassed on a Hunted Hayride when I was coming into 7th grade also. I told my boyfriend at the time but we broke up a little later and he told tons of people. I also got bullied about that but it was far worst then anything, boys coming up to my saying, “Do you wanna come on a hayride with me?” They also said stupid stuff like if you let him do it, why won’t you let me? I am still suffering through that memory. There were also two girls that would bully me and they absolutely hated me, and I still have no clue why. They punched me, threw me on to the floors and into lockers, one day they locked my in a locker for a whole hour. That’s when I turned heartless, I almost got suspended for beating the crap out of the girl who locked me in and the only reason I didn’t was because of the bulling. I started cussing at every one and I almost failed 7th grade, if it wasn’t for Caitlin.
Caitlin was my best friend throughout 7th grade and 8th grade and still is to this day. She was the girl who calmed me down when I got super mad, she was the girl who made me realize that fighting and cussing wasn’t the right answer. She was the person who led me to God, and the one who was just as excited as me when I got saved. I wasn’t completely in the dark about God when I met her but there was a lot of stuff I didn’t know about him. She was the person who became my soul sister over the years and I would do anything for her. She turned into the best friend I never had, she was the sister I always wanted. We are still friends to this day and I would never change that. We have so many plans together it’s not even funny, I’m talking about getting a apartment together when we get out of high school, we also want to have 9 dogs. I will do anything for the girl and I know she feels the same. She is the rock of my life and I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for her. She helped me find the real me and that’s a hyper and happy girl. I didn’t have that before I met her; she helped me get over the harassment. I wouldn’t be here with without her and I love her dearly for that.
Now I’m not going to end this about Caitlin, I’m going to end this about you. Yes you read me right, about you, if you had similar stuff happen to you, it will get better. You may be thinking about ending it forever (killing yourself or someone else) I want to tell you don’t. By killing yourself your not stopping all the bad things, your stopping all the good things that will happen, and trust me some of those things will be life changing. If I were you, I would stick around to see what your life has in store for you.

The author's comments:
I wrote this peice after watching Bully. It inspired me to write my story, enjoy :)

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