Nobody likes you

February 27, 2013
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"Nobody like you "he saids
I 'm in math class
And I trying read board, I ask the boy sitting next to me scoot over
And that what he retorts

"Nobody likes you," he repeats
And begin think
Of how those words use to echo in my head
And tear my heart shreds
Nobody likes you 
Used to make me cry in bed

In past,
Those words used to control all what did
And my self view 
That phrase used make cry and feel blue
They made me feel sad
They made go mad
I used justify suicide
For , why bother living
If words "nobody likes you " 
are true

But then I decide
To change word view
To realize that the phrase isn't true
Once decide this, I open up oppurnities to make new friends
Now, I feel love living again

"Nobody likes you"
He say the phrase again 
I turn to him 
Yell " shut up"
And grin

For I those words aren't true

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