Why, Why, Why

February 5, 2013
By , Alpine, NJ
Have you asked yourself why? Not what, but really think about why things happen the way they do.

Bullying is not as complicated as it seems. Sure, there are a lot of aspects of it, but the bottom line is this; bullying needs to stop now. Normally, people have an affinity to ones that are similar to them and maybe even look alike. That is perfectly fine, until they start showing prejudice. Appreciate diversity! It is what keeps this world interesting! Keep in mind, this doesn't always have to be racial discrimination but also social and religious as well. Or it can be as simple as not wearing the same clothes as someone or not having the same interests as someone.

People take this topic rather lightly and think it is something that can't really be fixed. But it has caused kids to put themselves in danger and even commit suicide. It is not an issue to be overlooked or pushed away. This plays a huge role in the children's mental health and happiness in life. It upsets me to think a group of people could make someone take their own life because they were depressed and unsatisfied with their life.

Recently, over the five years, there have been reports and articles about teenagers who committed suicide because they couldn't handle bullying anymore. It's on TV and on the news about people who cut themselves, take drugs, and drink, as a way of taking out their pain. They couldn't stand it anymore so they took their life and gave in to the powers of the bullies. When I hear of stories like this, I wish I could have been there to encourage that person and help them get through that tough phase. I wish I could have been there for support and by their side.

People say, "The bullies are the ones that are insecure and want to get back because they are not happy with themselves." As much as this is true, we have to figure out how to really get rid of bullying and stop it. I don't mean just creating anti-bullying posters and having an assembly about bullying, but also taking action forward into the future. We have to think, "What can we do to make everywhere a safer place without bullying?" Some victims of bullying are scared to go to school the next day. Is this what should really be happening? Just be aware, it will continue, with the possibility of getting worse, if nothing more is being done.

People have to take into account that the effects of bullying isn't just sitting alone at a lunch table or being called a nerd. However these are things can lead up and build up to what is the worst and unfortunate, suicide. Teenagers who have committed suicide because of bullying yielded to pain and even giving up their own life, instead of living their life. Suicide shouldn't even be an option or choice, but with our society and the high level of bullying, it sadly is. I don't know what else should show up on the TV or head titles on the news, for people to realize, bullying has flooded to its limit.

Why is bullying still alive?
Whenever you do something that offends others, think of what bullying could do to their life. Whenever you witness something that offends others, think of what bullying could do their life.
Imagine what it could do to your life.

You might think it's a joke but to the other person, it may cost their life.

Life is something to be valued and cherished, not taken away.

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iam4evermyself said...
Feb. 11, 2013 at 1:16 pm
Beautiful. Just Beautiful :) Wonderfully Written  
AisuP said...
Feb. 10, 2013 at 5:56 pm
This article is so confusing. You say that we should take bullying lightly and that it's always going to be there, and then you say you'll do anything to stop it like you're superman or something?
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