Bullied...or Bully?

February 4, 2013
"Hey there, fatso! One of your buttons just popped off!" Ha. We'll see who's laughing after recess. Do ya think the mustard in the hand sanitizer will get my point across? Or maybe the crickets in their lockers? Or maybe even the Saran Wrap on the toilet seat? Who knows? But soon they'll know. Oh they'll know. I am not a kid to be messed with.

The game started a few months ago. Well it was more like a war. It wasn't a game to either of us. When I say "us" I mean me and the rest of the school. Ever since I entered school I've been tortured mentally and physically in more ways then you can imagine. I've always been tormented because I'm overweight and the smartest in the school. In the past years I came home battered verbally and physically. I came home felt like a loser and sulked in my room. I shunned my parents since they were just as stupid as my classmates. They have no idea of the torture I go through at school. But no more. One day I was walking by a kid's open locker. This kid like many kids has been shoving me, insulting me, and all in all making my life horrible. As I was walking I tripped and my soda can fell and started spraying everywhere. Including his locker. At first I felt fear. I was terrified what Wayne would do to me when he found his locker. Then I realized. He had no proof. He had no idea that I did it.

And that's when it started. Silent revenge I liked to call it. These bullies, they need an audience around them to prove how cool they are. Me? Heh, I'm satisfied in watching their disgusted faces when they get up and find out that they were sitting on a banana. I enjoyed it. I really, really did. Every last second of it. Until one of them, Trent, the ringleader got a pretty good idea that it was me all along. Trent is smarter than the others. He isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer but quite smarter than his henchmen. Back and forth between me and him. But I don't mind coming home with a black eye knowing his sister is going to kill him thinking that he told her friend that she couldn't make the slumber party.

It was one week ago when I thought of it. It just came to me like a miracle. The ultimate prank. The king of pranks. This would blow anything he ever did to me out of the water. My cousin was the special effects guy in his moviemaking company. He'd be helping me out for free. I then contacted my uncle who was in artist specializing in very realistic masks. Everything was in place two days later. Oh boy! Kevin would be in for a real surprise when he came to his regular everyday hiding place behind the school when he would ditch class. I guess it was a bit mean. This kid was so superstitious and he hadn't gone to school for a month when his sister died of cancer. But I couldn't resist. I mean it was the perfect prank! His dead sister's ghost attacking him behind the school? That is just pure awesomeness. My only regrets were that I didn't have a digital camera to video it.

Then it happened. Over the P.A. everyone heard it. Mr. Rockwell's stern voice booming through the school. "Trent Williams, come up to my office immediately." No one knew what happened during that hour. The whole school just saw the king of the school walk out of the principal's office stoic and white faced. He was never seen in school again. One kid claimed he saw Trent hanging out with all the shady kids smoking by the old warehouse.

I never knew what happened to Trent and at the time I didn't care. But everything changed today. I overheard my parents talking in the kitchen earlier today. "You know Sam, I can't tell whether to feel bad for that Williams kid or not. I mean it was pretty cruel what he did to that kid with his sister but their family is really poor."

"Yeah, I know Julia, I talked to Mr. Williams yesterday and I can tell they're really relying on Trent getting a scholarship to that college."

"Yeah, there's no way they can afford college for him. It's a pity because they really wanted their son to go to college."

"I do hope that kid's doing okay...well anyway it's late, lets get some sleep."

I tossed and turned throughout the night. In my fitful sleep I had nightmares of being condemned to the seventh level of Hell for my horrible misdeed. I kept on waking up in a sweat. But then I said to myself, you know what? He had it coming to him. They've been ruining my life since I entered this school. And so what one of my pranks didn't go as planned and I hit two birds with one stone. I mean its not my fault they've been torturing me my whole life. It's not my fault the principal thought it was Trent. If anything he should be happy. First of all, it was a brilliant prank and he just made himself evermore popular in school. And second, he was lucky! Everyday I hear his parents beat him when he brings home another 50. He doesn't have to go to school anymore! And with that I rolled over and tried to fall asleep. It didn't work. I felt horrible for what I did. I realized that no matter what this kid did to me, it didn't give me a right to attack in return. I might have just ruined his life. He won't be able to get into a proper college and Trent might not ever even get a job. He'll always be there in that same spot behind the warehouse smoking with with those kids. I hated myself. I didn't know what to do. And then I realized. I really did know what to do. And it was my responsibility to do it. The next day I would turn myself in. Hopefully I'm smart enough for these colleges to overlook the dreadful prank I did to a mourning kid and how it almost ruined another kids life.

And here I am now. In my room, under the covers. No idea how tomorrow is going to turn out. Will I do the right thing? Will I undertake my moral responsibility and take severe consequences for what I did? I decided. I would.

The next morning I walked into school. I was terrified. I would be in so much trouble. I would be expelled from school. My parents would ground me for all eternity. And I wouldn't be able to get into that top rate college I wanted to go to and ill have to go to an average community college. But I steeled myself and started walking to the principal. Then, "Hey kid, you want to get me a cup of coffee?". I obliged and soon as I gave him the cup I couldn't do it. Next period. Next period I'll go over to him and confess. The period passed. And the next one. Well the principal was busy he was talking to another teacher so I walked into biology. When biology passed I was really thirsty and had to go to the water fountain. By the time I was done Algebra started already and I didn't want to be too late so I said I'll go after school. The next period passed. I started toward the principal's office. I bumped into somebody and then I realized who it was. Mr. Williams, red in the face followed by his crying wife and son. "BOY!", he yelled at Trent. "YOUR CAR, PHONE, AND COMPUTER ARE ALL BEING SOLD RIGHT WHEN WE GET HOME! MAYBE WITH THAT MONEY WE CAN GET YOU INTO A SUB-AVERAGE COLLEGE! GET IN THE CAR, BOY!"

In my head I was shouting at them and the principal. "It's me! It's me! I made the ghost!" But the words didn't come out. And Trent and his parents walked away.

I am a fatso. Good grades don't matter in life. I'm a fatso and a coward...and maybe even a bully.

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Shawnakat101 said...
Feb. 11, 2013 at 9:59 am
I love this piece of work it shows what bullying really is.
NateFeuer99 replied...
Feb. 11, 2013 at 6:12 pm
Thanks a lot. I know that there are many different situations of bullying that people have gone through but I wrote this story based in my experiences up to third grade when I was constantly bullied and made fun off.
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