the boy with no voice

January 24, 2013
silently my cries hide,
puddling behind dams,
desperately they want to break through,
but i wont give that satisfaction to you.

the names and the taunts used to cut deep into my soul,
but now i realize,
words are the mere sharpining stone,
for the pen that writes my story,

right infront of your eyes,
right under my sleeves,
its an autobiography of a man i no longer am,
i lost him behind all the jokes and rumors,

i no longer am "me"
but only an image of what you made me,
im a social experiment for pain and anguish,
and id do anything to change this,

as you push me to the edge you poke and prod,
but its not okay,
but i did my job...
if you learn from this today,

the flag at school will be half mast tomorrow,
but the "blue" is gone...
as is the "red"
so as this white flag waves in my honor,

i hope you realize,
and never harm another,
and you remember forever,
today as the day,
the boy who never begged you to stop,
or pleaded for help when your words made him drop,

the one who never said a thing,
told you exactly what you are!

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