The Highlights of Being Bullied

November 5, 2012
Once you stop and think about it, you should feel a bit privileged to be bullied. Hold on with the shocked gasps and angry messages. Usually, when a person is bullying someone in particular, like a "nerd", it means they envy what you have and desire it.
In some cases, however, the bully is just frustrated and needs an outlet to plug the anger they feel into. I know you may think of bullies as aggressive trolls or lipstick-wearing drones but some of them may be standing next to you.
You or your best friend have probably joked about somebody's puke-colored shirt or dirty clothes before. Well, any kind of joke like that can hold shreds of truth and hurt the person you are joking at. It could reach the person you are laughing at's ears, and imagine what you would feel like if someone did that to you. Like they say, there lies a shred of truth in every lie. And you know that when you are confronted about the comment you made about them, you probably will lie.
I know this is coming from a very biased opinion, but I feel that, instead of making fun of the new guy's accent, we should all just look at ourselves and realize that no one is perfect (you live and you learn it) not even you.

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HaagenDazzle said...
Jan. 2, 2013 at 11:06 pm
You have great points in your article, and it would have been interesting to see them expanded on.  Perhaps there could be anecdote for each point, all which support your title- Highlights of Being Bullied-  it's always easier for readers to follow writing when its grouped in paragraphs or by a certain pattern.  Hope this helps.  Wish you the best in writing :)
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