The New Bullying Land Scape

September 25, 2012
By lidia mendoza BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
lidia mendoza BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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I can relate to Madelyn N in the article "The New Bullying Land Scape" because every time I go onto a social network these days I see cyber bullying whether it be Face book or twitter. It is pretty sad to see someone attack someone else online. Although I feel like more people are being educated on the awareness of bullying. I'm not quite sure if teenagers are reacting to the cyber bullying appropriately. Like recently on Face book I saw a girl's status that was making fun of another girl and putting her on blast by putting up her picture and tagging her name. I thought it was really immature. I read the enormous comment list and people were defending the girl being bullied but bullying the bully as well. I felt the people commenting meant well but were being hypocritical. I feel like teenagers these days also need to learn how to react online to someone being bullied.

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