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September 4, 2012
By Matthew Wood BRONZE, Highllands Ranch, Colorado
Matthew Wood BRONZE, Highllands Ranch, Colorado
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"Who's love are we talking about?" is what you might be asking your-self. Well I'll tell you who's love will never change, who's love will be mightier then any of your friends, that mans name is God and Jesus Christ our lord and savior.
The reason for this is because he has died for us just to show his love, but not only his love but to make it possible for our sins our mistakes to be forgiven forever. Now I know what its like to be bullied because I've been bullied in someways you would think had killed me. I've been slamed down on the top of my head, beet to where there was nothing but brouses on my right arm. I started to think that nothing was getting better until I found God by prayer and he said "that things will get better just have faith in me and I will lead the way." Now I am an author and back in school I'm in my junior year and starting to look for a college to go to and having lots of fun.
Thank You and Sincerly, Matthew Wood.

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