I'm Against Bullying

June 1, 2012
By AmazingWriter BRONZE, Santa Fe, NM, New Mexico
AmazingWriter BRONZE, Santa Fe, NM, New Mexico
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I’m Against Bullying
When I was in 6th grade I was picked on by half of my class. I had no idea why they chose to pick on me, but only one of them actually told me mean things. The others just repeated what they heard. I never did anything, and I let all my anger build up inside of me, until finally I got so mad that I yelled back so many evil words at them. I got in trouble along with them. We later became very close friends however and my life got much better.

I am against bullying because I hated the feeling of being unwanted at school and unwanted by people. I thought to myself that everything is going to get better, but it didn’t no matter how much I wanted to believe that it would. I almost turned to cutting myself, I was so depressed. I would put on an act at school as well as at home, hoping no one would see the sadness I felt.

When I finally reacted, I got myself in trouble because I provoked the situation and made it worse. But then other outcasts in my class stood up for me and said that the bullies had provoked me. If it were not for them, I would have gotten into more trouble. After that the other outcasts and I became friends and the bullies stopped bothering me.

Bullying isn’t right to do to other people in any circumstance, at any time. People that bully think they are so cool because people follow along with them. A bully’s followers don’t follow him/her because they think the bully is cool. The real reason they follow is that they don’t want to be picked on themselves. If people that are hang a rounds read this they will know inside this is right. But what they will say to their friends is that that this wrong. I would know, I have been in both shoes and I didn’t like the feeling of being a bystander or being bullied.

So now I am not a bully or a bystander I’m one of those people that stands up to bullies and helps the victim. I never pick on people because I know how it feels to be bullied. I didn’t like it and I don’t think others do either; people that bully have either been bullied before or they take out their anger out on others and don’t care about the consequences. I stand against bullying because no one deserves to be picked on and feel unwanted at school. People need to wake up and notice people kill themselves because they are picked on. Bullies should think of that before they say another hurtful word to harm another person’s feelings because I think they would hate it if someone they picked on committed suicide.

The author's comments:
This is my personal opinion about bullying.

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