May 29, 2012
By theycallmeDelaney BRONZE, Stuart, Florida
theycallmeDelaney BRONZE, Stuart, Florida
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Bullying; though it’s only eight letters long, the notorious word has much more meaning than one can describe in a few sentences. In this day in age, change and acceptance is the common trend. So why can’t we just change bullies, and their ways? It’s simple. It has been proven that most bullies have been bully victims before, primarily when they are young. When children are young, in their first few years of school, the most common type of bullying is based on appearance. “You have a big nose!” or “You have too many freckles!” This type of bullying often effects how a child will grow up. The children who are bullying the kid with the “big nose” or “too many freckles” don’t realize how they’re affecting him or her, because they don’t see it as rude, or offensive. But, the child being bullied will go home sad, or upset, because of the comments. Then, as the bullied child grows older, they will start to learn that if they come back with an offensive comment to the one who originally were bullying him, he can have a “comeback”. Then, the newfound bully inside of them will grow until he ends up bullying everyone because of the satisfaction it gives him or her. As the child grows older, they will bully more and more people because it makes them feel better about themself. Often, by then it’s too late to help the child out of their bullying habits. Even if they do change their attitudes around, everyone around school, or the neighborhood, knows of their notoriety. Who would want to be friends with the bully, especially if they had picked on you before? This is why combating bully victims at a young age is vital in stopping bullying globally. Stopping bullying in the primary years of a child’s life can make the difference for a multitude of people.

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