An Important Message To Readers

May 20, 2012
By Anonymous

Dear Reader,
There are a few things I deeply regret. If I hadn’t done these things, I would be in a lot better place than I am now. Oh, reader, let us go back in time, to my middle school days.

Becky was obese, and she knew it. She was extremely insecure in her body. At even the most innocent of comments, directed at her weight, she would immediately lock herself in the girl’s bathroom and cry her eyes out. The popular girls would call her a crybaby. When this happened, I would get angry, but I would never stand up for her for fear of losing my close friend who was part of the popular girls that taunted and teased. She was basically the only link I had to my crush, and I couldn’t risk losing THAT. Now, I have lost contact with my friend, and Becky has recently become a teen model, which I desperately want to be. If I had stood up for her and befriended her, I could have had a chance to become a model as well.

Sugar had visited or lived in 28 countries in her lifetime. She had a mix of accents. She had not been exposed to much cruelty and she did not know what was on the bandwagon. At this point of time in my school, Justin Bieber, the male pop singer, was immensely unpopular. Kids in my school hated them. I obviously joined them, making fun of the poor guy and his slightly immature voice. One day, when my friends and I were watching one of his music videos and making fun of him, she spoke out.
“His voice isn’t that bad. He matches the notes pretty well. He isn’t horrible. Why are you making fun of him?”
Just for those simple statements, Sugar was the target of cyber-bullying for the rest of the year. I watched from a distance as her innocent and happy aura slowly faded to an aura of depression, and she eventually moved away to Singapore. Sugar has recently won a quiz bowl and is one of Singapore’s top students. I now struggle with my studies. If I had befriended and stood up for her, I could have gotten tutoring and gotten better grades.
Megan and Anita were fraternal twins, but they almost looked the same. They both had braces that stuck out, and thick metal glasses. They were in advanced math and were the ultimate teacher’s pets. They had black frizzy hair and were also extremely innocent. They could not, for god’s sakes, tell they were the target of many, many people’s taunts. I was one of them. Jealous for their grades and accomplishments, I silently lashed out at them and spread many rumors. They are now head of a citywide club, which has just gained recognition from the mayor. They are the most popular kids in school. If I hadn’t been so mean to them, I could have befriended them and joined the club and gotten some recognition as well.

I am not saying, you guys should stand up for the victim because of your own selfish plans. I am saying that people bully to gain admission into the “in” crowd, or the populars. Honestly, that won’t get you anywhere. I tried all my life to become popular by lying, cheating, manipulating and my social status has not gone any higher.
Now, I ask of all you readers out there. Go make a difference. Since I speak from experience, bullies thrive on other people’s insecurity, sadness, and pain. Don’t give them that satisfaction. Stand up for the poor victim in your class that is being bullied. Who cares if it won’t make you popular? I know for a fact that the most popular girl in my old class is now a drug addict, slut and alcoholic. So being popular in grade school really doesn’t get you far. If the bully hurts you physically, for GOD’S SAKE, TELL A FREAKIN ADULT. After all, they aren’t really making a difference at the time, so all we need is to give them a little push. Anyway, everybody knows children are afraid of adults.
Now I am friendless and unsuccessful. If I had made a difference, I could have maybe changed my fate. So, reader, go out there and make a difference, do what you have to do. Just don’t make the same mistakes I did.

The author's comments:
I am a girl who deeply regrets her actions in middle school and who deeply advises you bullies and bystanders out there to rethink your decisions.

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