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Why Does Bullying Matter?

December 11, 2018
By sinaivailea62 BRONZE, Sacramento, California
sinaivailea62 BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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Bullying is a huge problem in life and knowing it or not it can hurt them physically and also emotionally. Bullying does not only happen in school it happens everywhere from kids to adults. It matters because when people are bullied in any kind of way it can lead to something more dangerous or can hurt others due to them getting bullied. It is very important for the bully to understand how his or her behavior has affected the other person and to be clear not to repeat that behavior.

Bullying is a bad thing because personally I feel like a if your a bully you are bored or you just can’t handle yourself. When I see others bullying people I know that they either do it off of stress or to show others that they are cool. When people pure pressure others to do something they tend to get nervous so they start listening to others so they can be apart of the “group”.

Bullying can also be a major issue because you can never understand what they are going through at home or they could be going through personal issues. When you start bullying others whether its any kind of bullying they can take that to the heart and make them do things that can not only harm themselves but to other people.

For example, Nobody knows the story behind the kid who did the school shooting in Florida but we can say that it can also turn out that he was bullied. I know many situations that have been to that conclusion starting from kids bullying others. Instead of talking about others we should all come to a conclusion to hear everyones story .

We all can’t prevent bullying because its just everywhere but what we all can do is stop it from happening in front of our eyes. If we see bullying any kind of bullying we should always stick up and say something. You may lose friends but putting your pride aside to just at least help a live is better than seeing someone die or doing things you wish you could of changed in that time.

The author's comments:

I seen bullying happen to too many people and prevented it and tried my best to stop it. This inspired me because I personally feel like everyone should think of others before doing it.

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