How To Kiss Dating Goodbye (But Advice if you won't)

March 7, 2012
By GGLCT BRONZE, Reno, Nevada
GGLCT BRONZE, Reno, Nevada
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I Kissed Dating Goodbye, You should too!

I see him, and I smile, I walk up to him, and we hug. I see his reaction to seeing me, and then when he sees her, that’s when the heartbreak begins, but it’s fine, they hug, and walk off holding each other’s hands, you go right on with your day, and when you see them, at lunch, there basically on top of each other, holding and touching. Am I the only one noticing this? This is so disrespectful! You look around at all your other friends who are in relationships, there sitting next to each other, maybe a simple hand hold or an arm over the shoulder. We all want to feel protected. All I know is, I would want the respectful relationship, I don’t know if it’s because of faith, or if it’s because, I would NOT want to what the disrespectful couple was doing, in front of my parents, my youth pastor, or even to Mr. Sawyer. “If you don’t want to do it to Sawyer, You don’t do it to anybody”

As you listen to this speech, please remember to stay OPEN MINDED! I know a lot of you think that just because it’s about not dating it sucks, and I know I’ll have A LOT of questions after my speech. Just try to stay open minded.

So, your hormones are running as fast as possible, and trust me, dating is definitely making it worse, because you want to go and do stuff, whether it’s just getting out of your house, or if it’s going and seeing the guy/ girl that you like. I hope you guys know that only 20 Percent of High School Sweethearts stay together till college, and only 5% of that 20%, get married, I do admit, I think I know a few couples who are going to be that 5%. So, Why would you want to go and date, and yes, Dating does open up your mind to what you may want in a future spouse, but however, if you decide to not be so faithful to your or someone’s soon to be husband or wife, your running their relationship with their spouse. But why would you want to spend your time, dating, other people’s husband or wife, when you could be preparing to get ready for yours one day?

Now, I’m not saying that Dating should be illegal; that it’s stupid, that we all should be hidden from the opposite sex. And that’s probably what a lot of you are thinking that that’s what I’m saying. But I’m telling you that you should be preparing yourself for your soon to be spouse, so that way, when you’re with each other, that it’s going to beautiful, and amazing. But, I’m just going to help everyone for those who choose to date, while giving Advice, and still saying you shouldn’t:

Girls, you need to be able to love yourselves, not to call yourselves fat, or stupid. Become the woman you want to be in 10 years. Act like her. And think of yourself as a precious treasure. Because you are.

Guys, you need to set up goals that you want to do, and for who you want to be, and how you’re going to get there, looking for the qualities that you want in a wife, and become the perfect guy for her. You also might either want to buy a personal calendar, or make sure for your next few phones that it has a calendar, for important dates, that way when you forget something you won’t have to sleep on the couch.

Here’s some perfect ways of how to ruin your relationship!
1. Guys when you act like a complete jerk to your girlfriend, still expecting them to laugh it off.
2. Girls, when you say “I’m fine” but you want him to keep asking, and asking, he’s only going to ask once or twice.
3. Guys, when you play video games, all the time, and don’t reply, because us girls, can be saying something really important to you.
4. Don’t play mind games! It’s really annoying to both sides of the relationship!

Dating often mistakes a physical relationship, with love.
Dating can make you lose sight of who you’re supposed to be one day.

Here are some PROVEN great ways to have a relationship:
Girls Be Honest! Tell Him what “I’m fine” thing is on your mind or what you need to do before talking to him, or be honest with the whole.
Guys, when you have a girlfriend, don’t gossip about your relationship to other guys, keep it too yourself, or even ask your girlfriend if it would be okay to talk about it!
Set Boundaries: It’ll help your relationship, by showing more respect for your girlfriend/boyfriend. If you set up certain ones, like No sex ‘till were ready, both of us, emotionally, and physically. Or we can text till about 9, because, I need to go to bed/ do homework. I have friends who are dating and they don’t text the opposite sex, besides there girlfriend/ boyfriend, and don’t text each other at 8.
Make sure, you could see yourself marrying this person in 10 years.
Stay in Connect with your friends, I’m not saying you won’t, I’m just saying, fin the balance in-between you and your boyfriend and your friends. They all need personal time, and hangout time.

Here are 3 Proven Attitude changes to help you with Effective Dating”
You don’t have to pursue a romantic relationship until marriage,
You cannot own someone outside of marriage
Avoid compromises that will cause you to lose the purity of your body, or mind.
You have to love yourself, before you can love anyone else.

Singleness, It’s a gift, but so is Dating, or courtship, actually.
You could be single, but then going and looking at the guys, but that could be someday hurting your relationship with your future spouse.
You could lose sight of what your relationship is really for.

I have 3 groups of friends, who are dating right now and only two seem like they’re going to last, Not, going to name names, but one of them is in this class. The one group who isn’t is touching all the time, and not just holding hands, I personally look up to the couples who are the better ones. The couple is basically on top of each other, all the time. Basically, all they do, is “I feel like your ignoring me.” When one of them goes and throws something away….” “I feel like we need to hangout after school for the rest of the week, and talk about every little detail of every little second.” I really wonder how their relationship would change if they read this, but the sad thing is the boy in this relationship, read all three of the books that I have been using for this. And he doesn’t change….

So, I’m going to let you guys know something, it might be a secret, but I don’t know, so I’ll just tell you.
Girls, here’s a way to understand guys.
Guys, they’re like waffles, they focus on one thing at a time until it’s done. Like, you know how you can fill one box up till its filled? Or, maybe that’s just me, but any ways you know how after ones filled, you go to the next one, that’s how guys are. So they have different boxes, for different things, like ones for girlfriend, ones for family, ones for even school. But it’s really easy to annoy them when there trying to fill up that one box, yah know?

Guys, here’s a way to understand Girls,

We are like spaghetti we like to talk about everything that has happened, if it’s a bad thing, we just want you to listen, we don’t want you to solve every problem that we have, but when we walk up to you and we seem really sad, or mad, we want you to listen, and if we look at you for help, THEN you can help! We don’t know what to do when you send us those super sweet texts, all we know to say is “Awww Thanks”, and we do like it when you tell us that we’re pretty, we just have low-self-esteem issues….

So this concludes my essay of why Kissing Dating Goodbye. This is EXACTLY Why I kissed Dating Goodbye ?

The author's comments:
Alot of it is from my faith.

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