Spring Break

April 29, 2010
By Brandon Collins BRONZE, Melbourne, Florida
Brandon Collins BRONZE, Melbourne, Florida
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“Adieu” I yell at Holy Trinity as I hope in the car and rode off to start my Spring Break Vacation. The real apex of my vacation really started the first weekend when I had a soccer tournament. During this tournament we won our group and now go to play in the sweet 16 in the state. As the three game escalated we were ahead 1-0 and the other team’s parents went crazy. The game ended and we won making us first in our group. It was a momentous weekend. The next day I just laid around to rejuvenate. When I was trying to rest my brothers were obstreperous. The next morning I woke up sprightly and ready for the day. I just sat around and I also found out that my cousins were coming down from Michigan. I was inundated with joy because I also found out we were going to a water park too. As the week dwindled it seem to get more fun. On Thursday I went to the oral surgeon and found out I need my wisdom teeth out. I wasn’t happy. On Thursday it was April fools and I do have a natural flair for jokes. That day my cousin gave me a 100 dollar bill and I said that is was exorbitant for you to give this to me. I found out it was bogus. My brother started talking malign to me and I was in a tirade because of it. I found out that he was joking and I got over it. Friday we were running sparse on food and went to the store. Saturday we went to my aunts dock to go fishing and on the way we saw a horde of traffic and it was really annoying. We impel past the traffic but it took us an extra 30 min to get there. On Sunday I woke up to a big basket of candy. I scuttled through my candy and ate as much as I could. Monday was the best though I stayed home to go to Aquatica. We were like vagrants while at the park we didn’t know where to start. Of course my aunt had showed up late so it was expedient that we get in as soon as possible. It was a metropolis at the theme park but it was a lot of fun. Now I am going back to school, it was nice to have a week off.

The author's comments:
i like it, because it was an actual account of what i did for my spring break!

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