Zoo Trip

October 5, 2017
By Anonymous

This summer my mom has planned a trip to the Zoo which im not totally hyped about because in 15 yrs old and the zoo is not for me. She likes to have everything already planned out so we already know what we’re going to do and dont look lost when we get there. She googles everything like what it looks like where all the picnic areas are and the restrooms she likes to know all of those things before we leave, so we spent three whole days doing all this. The Zoo that we are going to is the San Diego Zoo. Its freaking huge. Where going to be there all day and I honestly think we’re going to get lost probably more than once. So tomorrow is the big day so excited, not really I dont want to go to the zoo its gonna suck. Id rather be with my friends, but apparently its a “family” trip. I have a little brother that is 10 years old he gets on my every last nerve i bugs me about every little thinks and he is probably going to complain about every little think like his feet hurt he's tired blah blah blah.

So we are in San Diego right now where going and where paying the first thing that we do is go to the restroom. Ok so were in yay i ask my mom if i can go look around by myself ofcourse she says no she is waaaaaay over protective it gets on my nerves sometims but its kinda good, so were walking around and i see a lion my favorite animal ofcourse i ask mom to stay for a bit and guess what SHE SAID YES omg omg. I sit on the bench looking at it so pretty i love them. Wow there is this kid screaming i dont know why but its really annoying i hope he stops soon cause i dont want a headache.

OMG OMG hes playing with the lion lock. Oh no oh no i ran to the kid but i was too late the kid unlocked the gate shit were dead i grab the little kid and tell him to run well if im gonna die it might as well be now so i try and keep the lion busy and he leaps on me OMG OMG im dead im dead……..and he opens his mouth wide open and then BAM i wake up in a cold sweat it was just a dream just a dream

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on Oct. 10 2017 at 12:21 pm
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great story!

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