February 6, 2011
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I was running. We were running so fast, too fast. Things started to blur. Finally it stopped. I stopped. I hit so hard. All I remember is the colors of leaves above me. The cool autumn wind blowing them around like a small girl shaking her doll. Then I saw him. Standing over me, watching me. Waiting to see what I would do next. But I just laid there, Studding his features. His pale skin, dark hair, and cold eyes. The smirk on his face sent off the I’ve-already-won-so-just-give-up-now vibe. Once he realized I was done playing his stupid game he brought it out. It had worn with the years. You could tell in the handle some of the delicate design had faded away. One side sparkled in the sun, the reflection of the vast meadow showed in the other. I could feel my heart rate increase. He took it slow. Raised it up. I held my breath. Then I felt it, sharp in my side. Suddenly it was gone. And everything was still again.

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