A Nightmare Come True

December 10, 2010
I had a terrible day today. My alarm clock didn't go off, my English teacher was more creepy than Edgar Alan Poe today, I have a flu so painful that it out ranks being stuck in a room with Justin Bieber, my ankle practically twisted off my leg, Mom and Dad have been screeching at me and everything else ever since they got home, and to make matters worse, the monsoon is up rooting trees and making craters in the clay. Well, at least the power still wor... never mind. I'll just double up the blankets tonight and just pray that I can sleep well.
Suddenly, I awoke from a horrid nightmare. Olaf, the scientist, and the thing from the hearse were all chasing me, seeking my blood. At least I am safely snug in my bed in my room. Whoa! The wooden gate crashed (and most likely disintegrated on contact) to the ground, followed by a howl so terrifying and other-worldly, Satan and God probably both fainted out of fear. My clock glowed 1:09 in the morning, the perfect time for creeps and... cool it, man. Monsters don't exist. Yeah? Well tell that to my imagin... Click! A click I hear in movies, from cops, from my uncle! The click was the click from the clout from... from the scientist's security, keeping in constant cadence the entire occasion. So corrupt was he that even the crash of cannonade did not discourage him. What did he want? Was he racking me? He was! The stinking scumbag was coursing for rancor when I did not a speck of discomfort to him! Heck, he didn't even consist of anything but words.
1:10 and a second sound joined the song. A small scratching sound passed through my ear plugs. The thing had showed up. It too sought to pierce my soul. It too sought my sanity. Dude, stop with the consonance and alliteration. You're letting the lesson get... shut up! I know that those slimy servants of Satan are seeking my soul! Don't tell me other wise! Now I know it, I have surpassed my sanity.
The clock showed it was now 1:11, and my sanity had officially packed up and left. Then, a third sound made the duet a trio. The noise was a loud thudding of a desperate, murderous man, the thudding of Olaf. He desired to deny me my lucidity and replace it with absurdity. Well, you're too late! You're disgusting friends already did that deed! Oh, but his demonic disposition proved that he could (and did) put me in a further state of distress.
My heart beat rose as all hope left me and hid in the deepest folds of my mind. My hope hid so heartily, that I could not help it out of its hole. In helplessness, I looked at that heartless hunk of junk called the clock to find only a minute had hastened away. My hold on reality slipped away as the hurtful clicking, scratching, and thudding continued. Their horribly husky odor hid the hopeful scent of rain. My breathing had become shallower than a mere puddle. I held on to a hole in my blanket half-heartedly, its rough edges helped not to ease my horror. Then, a gray tunnel appeared around my vision. I welcomed the blackout as hones, helpful ally.
In the morning, when the storm had some what passed, we went to inspect the damage. Next to my wall was a length of chicken wire all tangled up, this caused all the clicking and scratching. I rounded a corner, expecting to find a piece of rebar to supply the thudding, but instead, I found two pairs of boot prints and a pair of bare feet. These all lead to the destroyed fence.

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