Arrowhead Lake

March 13, 2010
By SmallTownGrl BRONZE, Keizer, Oregon
SmallTownGrl BRONZE, Keizer, Oregon
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"I am so exited," Said Ember as she rolled down the window of Logan's Jeep. "I haven't been there since last summer."

Logan smiled and glanced down at her. "Yeah, me too." As they drove they talked about how they've been, what they've done and where they've been.

"Here we are," Said Logan in a soft voice as he past the 'Welcome to Arrowhead Lake' sign. "Uah," Yawned Ember. "We.Are.Here? We're here!"

Logan turned to look at the sleepy eyed girl who had just woken up and said "Wow, you're awake! I though you might've fallen into a coma or something," When she looked up at him he winked and she laughed a very un-amused laugh; he smiled and said "Hmmm. We haven't been here in a really long time." He didn't take his eyes off the road.

"I know, it looks so differnt... the tree's, the shrubbery... everyerything." Added Ember; Logan nodded.
"Look!" Shouted Ember. "The cabin...oh! And look, right over there is the Lake!" They both leaned forward to see it better since the windshield was covered in dust from the dirt road. "Even though everything looks different and so much has changed, the cabin and lake look just as I remember them." Ember said with amazement.

"I know what you mean," And then the Jeep came to a stop just outside the Cabin.

"Race ya there!" Shouted Ember as she quickly unbuckled and jumped out of the Jeep and towards the Cabin.

"Ladies first," Mummbled Logan as Ember ran up the three steps that made up a very small staircase to the porch; they creaked and dented with each step. She stopped on the porch in front of the door and waited for Logan to follow her.

"Logan? Ember called and turned around but didn't see him. Then she noticed the Jeep was gone too. Did he just leave me? She thought as her eyes searched for any trace of him.

She was all alone in the woods now; no way to get back home anyway so she deicided to go searching for Logan. She began walking up an old trail; after walking for about three miles she decided to start heading back to the Cabin before it got too dark out.

On her way back she noticed something shining. The sun must be reflecting off of something metal... She thought and then she saw it again and made her way to the cliff side in search of the shining metal.

And then the saw it; a Jeep lay upside down at the bottom of the cliff. "Logan, Logan, Logan!" She screamed. The only thought in her mind was 'Get to the Jeep, get to the Jeep, get to the Jeep.'

She made her way down the steep cliff sideand all the way down to where the Jeep had rolled. Only when she got there did she notice something peculiar; she and Logan had only just gotton there a few hours ago but the Jeep looked like it had been sitting out here in the woods for months; moss was growing all over the Jeep and branches hung out of the windows.

"It's been months but I still can't stop thinking about it," Stated Veronica.

"Iknow," Agreed Graig. "It's just so horrible."

Veronica picked up an old newspaper and read the headline outloud. "TWO YOUNG ADULTS INVOLVED IN FATAL CAR CRASH AT ARROWHEAD LAKE."

They sat there on the couch together looking at old photographes of their friends; mourning the death of Ember and Logan.

The author's comments:
I wrote this story in thirty minutes; just in time for me to turn it in with-out it being late.

The story is about a Girl who eventually realizes she's already dead... i know it doesn't explaine that very clearly but it was suppose to have a dramatic twist lol

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