June 22, 2017
By kNouva BRONZE, NY, New York
kNouva BRONZE, NY, New York
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Justin. The amazing Justin. In this world of games and mental strategy, along with reaction skills and intelligence, chess dominates it all. The champion of chess, which, there’s only one in every 12 years, are literally bestowed just a tad bit less power than the king has. They are given land, slaves, money, and access to all the other games even nobles can’t play. Their authority lasts for 6 years, but their fame keeps them rich and wealthy. And this time, we’re all sure it’s Justin. Justin was a born natural, as only a 14 year old, extremely intelligent, basic otaku. He’s been learning to play chess and solving equations since 3 years old. His parents were quite strict on him alright, but it was all paid off in the end. Their hard work made their son one heck of a legend. He, known for his statistics in chess, is actually just a really advanced mathematician. He’s not very good at other games where you require reaction speed or good homing ability. But what he can do is strategy. Born genius, can do almost anything with his smarts. Unlike games like slap jack or a first person shooter game, chess has literally no time limit and doesn’t require anything but your mental skills. Therefore, reaction speed and physical ability is unnecessary. Therefore, Justin was literally perfect for chess. And he was. He had already won 126 matches against known professional chess players, with 0 matches lost and one tie for when he was ill. In other words, he’s a legend. He has already passed the semi-finals in the Chess Finale contest, the one that determines the next Chess Champion. We’re all sure he’ll win. No, we know he’ll win. With the highest possible win/loss ratio, he’s impossible to be beat by the others, the highest with a 16.2 win/loss ratio. Justin uses his math skills to calculate the tiles and where he should put them. He’s an expert at reading his opponents and never sticks with the same strategy. His strategies are all improvised and formulated on his own, based on his opponent. Since I don’t know anything about chess, I won’t go into detail about the match because that would be a lot of work. And he won. He’s now announced as the new Champion of Chess in the world of Disboard, known as “that 14 year old asian who won the Universal Chess Finale contest” with the motto of “i’m high on numbers”. He wasn’t too surprised though. I wonder why. Three years later, he had a wife, 2 children, a large house, no slaves cause he is against the idea of them, except he does have maids, and he is playing all the games there is in the world of Disboard. Keeping up his streak, he continued to win every single bet and gamble, and everyone ended up betting on him in every single match. He’s having a hard time finding opponents these days. But he lived a fine life, no competition as the best player of mind games ever.

The author's comments:

this piece was not meant to be a masterpiece, it is just a story i wrote for my creative writing class. please do not take seriously. thanks

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