My Heart tells me it's Worth it

May 16, 2017
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Everyday I walk this path, everyday. One foot in front of the other, one raindrop follows another. I control with my head, my hands, my heart. It flows from rivers, trickles from clouds, and a trail of mist flows through my path. And it’s me. It’s me. Drop after drop splashes my skin, obeying my every desire. I stomp away a puddle at my feet, and then take of running through a waterfall. It flows over my head and under my feet, carrying me along the path. I soak it all in like a cloud, and release it back out. I defy gravity, pushing against it. I send rain back up, up, and up. Droplets soar through the pink sunset sky, creating cotton candy clouds. It happens like this everyday. Not today. Today the sky turns purple and silver. Today another force knocks into my rain, sending it spiraling. When I look over my shoulder, I see the force that works against me. He’s majestic, rippling the sky this way and that. I turn all the way around, and his eyes sear into mine. His eyes are a sky I can soar through, never reaching an end. I sacrifice my water, and he loans me his air. Working together, we create a storm where we are the eye. Gusts of wind and rain swirl around our bubble and we hold our stare. I’m still flying in his eyes, and he’s swimming in mine. I step closer and he steps too, as if he were my mirror. “Why today.” I ask, becuase I know him. I feel his skin against my rain, everyday, but I never feel his wind. I never feel it against my streams, and especially not tickling my skin like it is now. “I couldn’t hold it back. Not any longer. I didn’t want to.” He whispers. Seeing the question in my eyes he explains, “I was afraid of he storm.” At that a gust of elements sweeps us together, into an embrace, and lifts us toward the gray clouds. He’s strong and I let myself give into the embrace. I place my head on his shoulder and watch our storm grow. His arms circle my waist holding me closer, closer, closer. Not close enough. I close my eyes against the sting if the wind. I’ve never felt more whole. When I open my eyes  and look through our storm, I see my people like ants on the ground. This is what he meant, I realize now.  I fly in his eyes, and he swims in mine, as our storm blows away city, after city, after city. We created a deadly storm, and my heart tells me it’s worth it.

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