Falling To Hell

May 9, 2017
By BloodofBeasts SILVER, Marcellus, Michigan
BloodofBeasts SILVER, Marcellus, Michigan
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A beautiful thing is precious no matter the price. Those who do not know how to see the precious things will never be happy.

As night’s sweet embrace enveloped the earth, fiery eyes shone through the night as the light and duplicity illuminated the small humanoid orbs. The darkness was replete with those glowing orbs staring and watching me as i made my way through the inexplicable black hole surrounding me.
I didn’t understand the point of all the bleak colorless landscape lain before me but i had to find a way out before those glowing eyes turned into creatures thirsting for my blood. As that thought poured through my mind, I started running blindly. Not caring about the feeling of teeth and claws tearing and sinking into my skin…


Chapter One: Nightmare
I wake up screaming and sit straight up. Tears stream down my face as i run my fingers through my tangled hair.
My mom knocks on the door.” Jocelyn, are you alright honey?” She asks as she slowly cracks it open and peaks inside.
“Yeah...I’m fine. Just a nightmare.” I scrub the palms of my hands down my face as I talk. The bad thing was it wasn’t just a nightmare. I knew that. Almost every time I had a nightmare, something almost identical happened in real life and this nightmare was way too realistic not to happen.
“Okay honey. Just try to get a little more sleep before you have to get back up for school.” Then she quietly closed the door, leaving me all alone again.
I groan and plop back wards squeezing my eyes shut. The next time I opened my eyes was when my alarm was going off like a tornado siren. I jumped out of bed, tore off my pajamas and slipped into my school clothes. A Metallica T-shirt, black skinny jeans and my rainbow Adidas.
I didn’t even bother to brush my hair as I put it into a ponytail. I grabbed my bag and keys off the kitchen counter and headed for the door but as i reached for the door handle I heard my name being called from behind me.
“Jocelyn! Don’t forget to lock the door! Have a good day! I love you!” My mom says that every morning but it always manages to put a smile on my face.
“Okay! Love you too Mom!” I say back and head out the door and go to my truck. I get in and start it up and head off for school.
At school everyone ‘acts normal’. To be honest no one acts the same way they do in or out of school. They try to act better to make them look ‘cool’. What a stupid word. Over used and way too important even when the word has so many meanings. A word that people would destroy others over. I walk into my first hour class, History, to find jocelyn late yet again. I’ve told that girl way too many times not to be late and does she listen? Of course not. The worst part is that she’s the only thing that makes this class worth sitting through.                
I burst through the door of first hour and rush to my seat. Late….again. I groan as the teacher shakes their head and puts in another late into the computer for attendance. I stretch back and smile at Vincent. Vincent Eros, my best friend since first grade. He’s always been there through all those years. I couldn’t have made it through school without him.
He rolls his eyes and i stick my tongue out at him. He’s always lecturing me about being late. Sometimes it gets quite annoying and I just tune him out but I still love him. Not like mushy gushy love but best friend or brother love.
As the lesson continues, I zone out. The only time I ever pay attention is when it’s about war or the bloody lesson that comes from the violence people have committed through mankind’s history. Even before we realized it was violence we still bestowed it upon others to survive. I smirk as I think about this because if it weren’t illegal these days… there were a lot of people who would have to deal with me showing them a thing or two about violence…
I glance at the documents that had been handed to me. My newest assignment. A sixteen year old hybrid of unknown origins raised by an unknowing human mother whom had adopted her after her third birthday. Last name: Aldrich. First Name: Jocelyn. I glance up from the paper work before me to look at my employer.
“A sixteen year old girl? Are you sure you want me, one of your best hunters to seek out a child?” I asked skeptically.
“Yes. I want my best trained to go after this lethal child. She’s unpredictable and needs to be eradicated so she doesn’t give away the supernatural world. If she does...we will be hunted like the witches were in Salem and I think I can safely say no one wants that.” They replied.
“Alright…”I sighed as I stood with the information clasped in my hand. “ She will be found and brought in to you by me personally. You will not be disappointed or let down.”
They chuckled under their breath.” Let’s hope not.”
The bell announcing that school had ended rang out with a shrill noise as I ran out of my last hour and straight for my locker. It was finally time to get out of this place full of fake wannabes and to go home and sprawl out on my bed with a good book and lots of snacks. I smiled as i ran out the front doors and headed for the parking lot.
As I got to my truck, I happily climbed in and drove home. When I arrived there, I opened my door to find a disaster. Broken glass, blood and torn clothing made a gory path to my bedroom. I followed it to find my mom lying on my bedroom floor curled into the fetal position as if she was fighting something off. She turned her head and once she saw me she screamed.
“Jocelyn! Get the hell out of here and don’t look back!” She swung one of her arms as if trying to shoo me away. My eyes filled with tears.
“But..mom..” I reached for her and she smacked my hand away. That hurt more than if she had shot me in the heart with a serrated bullet.
“Don’t argue with me on this...GET OUT NOW!” She screamed as tears ran down her face and fell onto the floor. I mashed my lips together and quickly grabbed my things out of my room and ran towards the door as tears threatened to drown me and a blackness surrounded my heart.

Chapter Two: Daydream
I watched as my target ran from the house and into an old beat-up truck. I smirk as I watch her leave. Her pathetic human mother had heeded my warnings and now my target was within my grasp and there would be no witnesses to her capture and if it came down to it...her demise. As I slowly unshield myself and appear back into sight, I slide my hands into my pockets and feel the hilt of my dagger with one hand and the grip of my silenced handgun with the other.
It was all silent. From the outside it looked peaceful but I thought it was weird that Jocelyn’s truck was gone. Her beat up truck was usually in its place on the curb but all that was left was burned rubber and tread marks. I glanced around looking for any traces of jocelyn and I couldn’t find anything so i decided to go inside.
As I opened the door all i could see was the deep red of blood streaking the hallway and walls that led to jocelyn’s bedroom. I bit my lip considering if I should venture any further but my curiosity won out over common sense and I walked into Jocelyn’s room to find a bloody disaster. 
Her mom was laying in a pool of her own blood crying her heart our sobbing and saying “I’m sorry” over and over again as if she had done something wrong. I run over and check on her.
“Rebecca? Are you okay? Where are you hurt?” I asked frantically. All she did was look at me with a blank expression and not even a word crossed her lips. Panic slowly set in as the blood kept collecting. More and more made it’s way out of her body and it slowly covered my hands as I tried to find where the blood was coming from. That’s when I realized how bad it was. There were many puncture wounds seeping with blood. Gashes and holes covering almost every piece of flesh left on her battered body. My hands shook as I tried to pull her to her feet with no prevail. The blood covering her body made my shaky hands slip and she crumbled back to the floor.
When common sense finally kicked in, I ran to the phone and dialed for the police. After I told them where we were and our names I hung up and ran back to her. If she dies Jocelyn’s whole world is destroyed. That’s when a question hit me… Wait… where was Jocelyn and did she do this to her mother?
I follow the exhausted truck down long dirt roads leading nowhere. She took sharp corners and almost slid off the road twice due to her carelessness. That carelessness made her a weaker and much easier target which was good and bad. She could be a reckless one and not pay attention to anything but by her driving I knew that was wrong. She payed attention but intentionally faced that danger. If she were completely oblivious and reckless she would have crashed by now. She timed everything almost perfectly. I couldn’t believe she hadn’t crashed.
I followed her for hours until she finally came to a halting stop in the middle of nowhere, climbed out of her truck and glared at my car. I tilted my head and raised my eyebrows at her. Her eyes held no color except the black that seemed to glow. I watched her make her way to the back of her truck and I slowly climbed out of my car.
I met her less than half way inbetween the two vehicles and stood there waiting for her to make the first move. She decided on talking instead.
“Why are you following me? I don’t believe I know you.” She glared at me and her black eyes turned to fiery embers. I rolled my eyes and shrugged my shoulders.
“ I don’t have to answer your questions, child.” I said with a smug grin. Her face turned a pink color and I could tell she was getting to her shifting point. I just had to push her a little further… the point of no return but as the color in her face receded I knew it was gonna be easier said than done. I searched my brain for the way to push her over the edge and I couldn’t find it.
“ Fine. You don’t have to but you do have to stop following me or I’ll call the police.” She glared and got back into her truck, revved the engine and sped off like a demon.
A thousand thoughts swamped my head as I ran from my old life. I had nowhere to go..no money..no food….nothing.. No one would even know where I was to check on me… I bite my lip and kept driving. Then a place came to mind. I drove slowly, glancing in the rearview mirror as I turned corners to check for that stranger.
  The thought of being followed slipped from my mind as i started to think about my mom. What had happened? Who did that? Or what? My mind reeled at that thought. Someone or something had hurt her and she made me leave.. For my safety…
What am i going to do? Nowhere to go...no one to get ahold of… that's when I thought of Vincent. What if something happened to Vincent too? I swerved my car and fish tailed it until i made a complete 180 and sped back towards my house, my life and my problems. I couldn’t run away from them this time.
Sitting in a hospital waiting has to be the most nerve wracking thing for people to endure. I sat in the far corner shaking and thinking. I heard some yelling down the hall and saw Jocelyn running down the hall like something was chasing her. She ran straight towards me and slammed into my chest. I caught her before I tumbled to the ground and she landed on top of me.
I hugged her and asked” Where have you been? The police have been searching everywhere! I found your mom in your room laying in her own blo-” she cut me off by kissing me.
My eyes went wide with shock and my whole body went rigid. It felt like heaven but it felt so wrong. She froze and pulled back.
“Sorry…” she mumbled. “ I shouldn’t have done that…” She bit her lip and looked at the floor. I couldn’t speak, couldn’t move or anything. I was in shock.

The author's comments:

I am contemplating if i should contiue writing this or if i should start anew

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Xanthe SILVER said...
on May. 15 2017 at 1:05 pm
Xanthe SILVER, Marcellus, Michigan
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“Create the reality you wish to live, that way you have a chance at a perfect life. But at some point, you have to come back to reality. That is the real killer.” -Xanthe

This is really good. I believe you should continue this.


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