April 25, 2017
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It was the last day of summer. Tomorrow would strait high school. Future freshmen, sophomore, junior, and seniors were hanging out in a large field. A volleyball net was set up so freshmen and juniors could play. Seniors swam in the pool and sophomores stood near the food. Further down a the hill, was a small stream, its currents moving swiftly as the bright sun reflected off it’s surface. Next to the stream was a future freshman girl. Her blonde hair was in a ponytail, keeping the hair away from her unusual golden eyes. Tucked under her arm was a lion cub plush. The girl heard footsteps padding softly in the grass and turned her head to see a senior boy with messy black hair and dark red eyes, that looked closer to a scorpion’s eyes than a human’s. The boy introduced himself as Jeff. The girl stood up, saying that her name was Rosie. She kept the lion plush safely in her grasp. Jeff asked Rosie why she was by the stream. Rosie said she wasn’t one for social events. Jeff laughed, agreeing with the short freshman. Then he asked what grade Rosie would be in tomorrow. Rosie said she would be a freshman at Cloud High School. Jeff nodded, saying he would be a Cloud High senior. Before Rosie could reply, a voice called to her from the top of the hill. Bidding Jeff a quick farewell, Rosie ran up the hill and disappeared over its edge, taking the lion plush with her. Jeff watched her leave before turning to the stream. He let out a deep sign as the sign of the Scorpio glowed from his upper chest, just under where his collarbone joined together. The glow reflected off the flattened grass where Rosie had been sitting moments ago. It showed the sign of the Leo. Jeff let a smile escape from his lips. He had found her; The Lost Zodiac, Leo the Lion.
The next day Rosie walked of the bus and onto the sidewalk which led to Cloud High School. Rosie wore the uniform for girls; a cream colored button up blouse covered by a black cotton sweater vest stitched with the Cloud High School crest and a grey knee-lengthen skirt. Rosie looked around the property in awe. She didn’t know where she was suppose to go. Rosie saw a couple of kids traveling towards the school entrance. Not knowing that they were juniors who were heading to their homeroom, Rosie followed them inside. By the time she figured out that the kids were not freshmen, Rosie was already halfway into the school. She was completely lost. A familiar boy walked up wearing a red button up shirt with a black blazer improperly open and black pants. It was Jeff, the senior Rosie met at the party yesterday. Jeff asked Rosie what she was doing outside of the gym. Rosie title her head, asking what was going on in the gym. Jeff let out a chuckle, saying for Rosie to follow him. He said that orientation had started in the gym. When the duo had reached the gymnasium, orientation had sure enough started. When Rosie had sat down with her fellow Freshmen, Jeff stood next to his senior friends.
About three weeks passed and Jeff and Rosie became good friends. Despite the fact that they were three years apart in school and about four years apart by age, they still had become close. Jeff, who was eighteen, turning nineteen in late October, was a towering, built figure over the short fourteen year old Rosie. One morning, Rosie was getting pushed around by some pick-pocket street fighters. Jeff arrived at the scene to see the muggers trying to steal Rosie’s lunch money. He was about to stop them when Rosie let out a ferocious yell. A starry lion’s head formed in front of hers, roaring at the street gang, letting fire dance freely towards them. The sign of the Leo appeared from under where her collarbone met. Despite their cruel and illegal ways, Jeff couldn’t let them get fatally injured. He sprinted forward, the Scorpio sign emitting from his chest. When he let water erupt from nearby hydrants, he bent them at his will, dousing the flames. When the muggers ran away, Rosie asked Jeff what was going in. Jeff sighed, seeing no point in trying to hide it any longer. There are twelve zodiac signs; Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces. They are fallen stars, finding humans as hosts for their power. They are all connected by the four elements; Fire, Earth, Air and Water. Rosie asked Jeff why bye was telling her the. Jeff told Rosie that the two of them were zodiac hosts. He was a Scorpio, the scorpion, second sign of water. Rosie asked what sign she was. Jeff said that she was a Leo, the lion, second sign of fire.
The next day, Jeff didn’t see Rosie at school. He felt a bit heartbroken. He hoped that he didn’t scare her off by telling her about the zodiacs. On the way home, Jeff drove in his red Toyota, he listened to the news station. Their top story was a supernatural attack. Three boys reported to the police at 5:00 p.m., saying they were attacked by a Cloud High School freshman girl who could summon a lion’s head from her own and breath flames. After getting a name, police sent the information to the FBI. Jeff’s heart stopped with fear. Rosie was in a government lab, getting tested for supernatural powers. Turning swiftly off the highway, Jeff rode to an old military base which had been abandoned three years ago. Jeff parked his car before bursting into a large room. ten people, both male and female, turned to face him. It was the other ten zodiacs. Jeff breathlessly told them what was going on and that they needed a plan to free her. The rest of the zodiacs nodded then turned in their computers. On the large briefing screen were the words T.Z.D. The Zodiac Devise.
For three months, Rosie had been locked up in Area 51. The only thing she had of her past life was he lion plush, which she kept hidden from the agents and scientists. She had given up the hope of ever seeing her friends or family or Jeff ever again. But one day, the door to Rosie’s cell room was broken down by water. And there, stood Jeff, water swirling around his hand. Still holding onto the lion plush, Rosie lunged at Jeff, crushing him in a rib-breaking hug. Jeff took her hand, saying that they needed to leave. Rosie let go and nodded. With Jeff in the lead, the duo weaved their way throughout the maze of Area 51. Along the way, Rosie saw a Virgo and a Gemini hand in hand, joining their earth and air magic as one force to keep the agents at bay. Rosie immediately knew that they were two of the other ten zodiacs Jeff had told he about. When they were well away from Area 51, Jeff apologized to Rosie for leaving her. Rosie tucked the lion plush in a hole at the side of her sweater vest to shove Jeff by the shoulder. She said that he had come for her and that was all that mattered. Jeff took Rosie’s small hand in his own, telling her that her family would want to see her. And sure enough, when Rosie’s mother and father saw her and Jeff walking put their driveway hand in hand, they crushed her in hugs. Rosie’s mother, the former Leo, stroked her daughter’s hair. She looked at Jeff and whispered two words to him;

     “Thank You.”

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