The Life of a Death Dealer (chapter one clean version)

December 5, 2012
It all started that one Christmas in 1886. I was enjoying a great breakfast when my little nephew came running in. sawyer was crying and holding our dog’s leather collar. Immediately I sprung up from my seat and went to comfort him.
“Baby boy what’s wrong?” I asked as I cradled his small body against mine. He wiped his eyes and looked up at me. Before he could even answer I knew what he was going to say.
“Moto isn’t here! I went to give him a blanket and I found his collar on the ground! Aunt where’s Moto?” Sawyer started crying again as he asked that last question. I started to sing to him to try to calm him down. For a while he stayed cradled against me.
Just as I was going to go take him to his bed, my older brother walks in. seeing his son crying, he rushes over and takes Sawyer, asking me what’s wrong. I tell him what Sawyer told me, watching his face become stone. I know Austin is now upset. He goes and puts Sawyer to bed, as he is gone I fix him a pancake and some eggs. As I put them on the table I hear his footsteps coming towards the dining room.
“I’m going to go look for him Elizabeth. Stay here with mom and Sawyer. I’ll be back.” He tells me as he grabs his coat. Fear washes over me and before I can stop myself I demand that I go with him. As we got into the argument, a knock is heard from the back door. I rushed over to beat Austin to the door but he already had it opened. I run right into my friend Jerem, almost knocking him over.
“Well gosh Elizabeth, I’m glad to see you too.” Jerem states jokingly as he hugs me tight. I could feel my face flush as I hug him back. Austin cleared his throat as he puts his jacket on. Jerem smiled and let me go.
“Austin let me and Jerem go with you” I demanded. Jerem looks down at me, his eyebrow raised questioningly. I shake my head, knowing that no matter what he’ll come. Austin looks between me and Jerem, and then finally gives up. I rush upstairs and get dressed then run downstairs, ready to go. As we head out I explain to Jerem what we are going to do.
Before we leave I grab some rope and hand it to Jerem. Having a blanket in hand and Moto’s collar, I follow Austin, feeling safe with Jerem beside me.
As we enter the woods beside my house, I start to feel uneasy. Austin pumps the shot gun and Jerem puts his hand on my arm. Snow has covered the ground and trees, making it look as if we were entering some kind of winter wonderland. We search around the forest for a while, calling out for Moto.
“We should check by the river.” Austin finally came to a conclusion as we take a break on a fallen log.
The walk to the river was difficult. As we slid and tumbled down the steep hill, I had to grab onto trees to keep from falling down. Jerem finally tied the rope around my torso and held onto me as we got to the rocky part of the steep hill.
Once we were at the bottom, he untied me and hugged me tightly, telling me he won’t let me get hurt. Austin whispers for us to be quiet and he whistles for Moto.
Listening closely, I can barely hear the soft whimper off in the distance. Not even waiting to see if the others can hear it too, I sprint towards the noise crying out for Moto.
Faintly, I hear Jerem scream my name and yell at Austin. Soon, I hear both the boys yelling for me to slow down but I couldn’t. I could hear the rushing water of the river and the whimpers from Moto. I stop at the edge of the drop-off and look down, seeing Moto caught in the river’s currents. I look back at the boys, seeing them still trying to make their way over to me.
“Moto is caught in the river!” I yell at them.
“Elizabeth stay where you are! We’re coming!” Austin yells back.
I know Moto will die if I don’t act now. Could I risk my life to save him for Sawyer? A vision of a future without Moto came to me… Sawyer would be playing outside and stop what he’s doing as he passes Moto’s dog house. He’d start crying and would run to his club house to be alone. I’d go and try to comfort him but he’d yell for me to go away. I’d wait on the porch till sundown for him to come out… I wouldn’t be able to stand that kind of future. I look down at Moto, tears coming to my eyes. I look back at Austin and Jerem, taking a calming breath, I whisper I’m sorry and jump off the edge. I could hear Jerem cry out my name. The pain in his voice makes me flinch but I brace myself for the cold water I am soon to hit. My body tenses as I land in the ice cold waters of the river, the temperature of the water is colder then what I expected.
When I hit the bottom of the river, the force from the impact caused me to gasp. Sucking in a mouth full of water, I struggle to the surface. Once my head finds air, I spurt the water out of my mouth and gasp for air. As soon as I got my breath of air, I was pulled back under and down the river by the rapid currents.
I kick and reach out around me, feeling for something to grab. My hands find a branch hanging low in the water. Gripping onto it, I pull my body half way out of the water and look around. I could see Moto is watching me, separately trying to come rescue me. Softly I laugh in my mind at the fact that I’m trying to save the beautiful chocolate lab my family has grown attached to, and yet he is trying to save me. Quickly I become serious again and look around. I see another low willow branch beside Moto like the one I’m holding. I let go of my branch and reach for the other.
I grab the branch but my foot is caught between two boulders. I pull myself as hard as I can, feeling my energy draining from the freezing waters. I kick my leg and yank it up. A sharp pain explodes up my leg as a crack is heard when I free my foot. The pain causes me to cry out but I grip onto the branch. I reach for Moto, grabbing his paw, I pull him towards me. I can hear Austin and Jerem yelling from above me. I look up to see Austin tying the rope around him. I try to keep my head up to watch him, but my energy is fading quickly. Finally, my head slumps forward and I can barely hear Austin or Jerem. Every noise sounds muffled, my body is now numb and I can’t keep my eyes open. I slowly drift into a state of unconsciousness, which is followed by a dream…
I don’t know where I am but I feel safe. I look around to find myself in a luscious meadow drenched in sunlight. But as I look up, I don’t see a sun. Just a perfect blue sky dotted here and there with those pretty white clouds I used to watch when I was a little girl. I walk around feeling the grass beneath my toes and smelling the sweet scent of newly bloomed flowers. I spin around to the sound of birds chirping in a tree behind me. I walk over to the tree and place my hand upon the bark. I can hear a soft noise in the distance past the tree. I follow it, trying to make put what it is. Finally, I can hear the words “Elizabeth…”
I spin around sharply to see Jerem across the meadow. I smile and run to him, but as I’m running, a man appears from behind him. My pace slows to a walk as I stare at this stranger. His hair is as white as snow, his body tall and fit with broad shoulders. I look at what the stranger is wearing and a giggle escapes my lips. The stranger is wearing a white toga with gold in different areas. As I approach them, I see that the stranger’s eyes are an electric blue. I look at Jerem with confusion but he just looks up at the stranger, shaking his head. The stranger nods and looks at me. His stern face becomes soft and welcoming as he looks at Jerem and then back to me again.
“Elizabeth Rose.” He says softly, his voice is like music as he says my first and middle name.
“I have been informed that it is not your time.” He smiles kindly. Confusion washes over me as I try to understand what he means.
“Not my time?” I ask, “Not my time for what?” I look at both of the men, my eyebrows furrowing. Jerem looks at me apologetically.
“This is heaven my daughter. You were not supposed to die today.” The stranger states calmly. As I hear him talk, the truth hits me.
“Y-You’re… GOD?” I stammer as I drop to my knees, bowing. God grabs my arm softly as he whispers that I don’t have to bow. Shyly I stand straight and dust myself off.
“If it is not my time,” I ask “then what shall you do with me?” a slight wave of panic goes through me.
“I will send you back. But you will not be the same. You will do for me as your friend Jerem does.” He says mysteriously.
“And that is?..” I look over at Jerem.
“He is a Death Dealer. He does the tasks I give him. When it is a person’s time to die, in the area you are close to, you must be around for them to die. Sometimes you will carry out the death sentences.” God states, causing me to become more confused. I shake my head as I stumble back.
“I’m… Going to be a… Grim Reaper?” I hear myself ask but am not able to concentrate. I see God nod his head and reach out and touch my arm. I become calm but drowsiness engulfs my body. I can feel my body fall and arms catch me before I hit the ground. Faintly I hear God say for Jerem to stay with me before I’m surrounded by darkness.

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