Lost in Many Dimensions

October 19, 2012
By cha465 BRONZE, Hometown, Illinois
cha465 BRONZE, Hometown, Illinois
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“Hello Tim, How are you today?” asked the teacher

“Oh, you know the same as the time before.” Said Tim

“So nothing interesting happened.” Said the teacher

“Nope, just living my day like any other with the occasional changes that occurs.” replied Tim
Tim was just an ordinary kid living out his days as an adopted child would. By the way is really talented in art and music. That’s all he was ever really taught and became good at. The only thing that will keep him happy and close to his parents seemingly that both his parents are divorced. He gets to spend like six months with is mom and six months with his dad. When he is at his dads house his dad usually takes him to baseball games, hockey games, football games, and then usually out to dinner. After that because, as a father, he can teach him many things about how to be a man. Some stuff he knows about girls and how to ask them out and everything else that a guy would do. Tim and his dad usually get along well because they can relate to one another. When he is with his mom then things start to get worse and that’s when he relaxes and just lets his mind slip away into his imaginary world. Where he can be himself and nobody can tell him what he is doing wrong or how to live his life he can just be himself and not have anything to hold him back other than the normal boring person he is when he is in the outside world.
“You can’t stay here the rest of your life.” Said the inner voice.

“Why can’t I stay here it’s the only place that I feel comfortable?” Replied Tim.

“Because soon your body will have nothing left but to go on like it has been.” Declared the inner voice.

“Oh so your saying that if I go back I would be just like I have been for the past seventeen years of my life.” Implied Tim.

“I’m not saying that I am just here so that I can guide you to do the right thing. It’s just that you would be better off if you went back to the outside world and live the life that you have been living here on the outside world. The worlds are no different. it’s just here you think of everything that happens and the outside world another force somewhere out there is controlling everything weather you like it or not.” Remarked the inner voice.

“Okay, I believe you but you’re saying that if I transfer the knowledge that I have in this world that it would be the same as if it was on the outside world.” Answered Tim.
When he gets back to reality his mom would just lock him in his room all afternoon and would never really talk to him unless she needed him to do something or asked him how his day was at school and everything. When his parents are together he just wishes that he can be alone and never really talk to either of them because it would upset him and upset the foster parents that he lives with when they see the family that he grew up in and how terrible both of his parents are together. Tim’s parents can cause trouble for anybody that they meet.
Enough of about Tim’s actual parents because they are both mentally unstable and can’t take care of Tim so they gave him up for adoption but he can still see them only as long as they are both not in the room at the same time. Tim’s foster parents are the nicest parents you will ever meet and their only child is Tim and we all know that he is not actually their son but they treat him like he is worth more to them than anything else in the whole wide world. Tim is never going to leave them because if he does then he would have to live with his parents and nobody would ever see him again because if he was with his dad they would be going anywhere possible to spend quality time with him that’s the only reason why they go to baseball games and such. When he is with his mom it’s like he doesn’t even exsist and he is just that one kid that would keep quiet about what happens at home because if he says a word he will be locked in his room with no food or anything to drink for about a week or maybe four out of the seven days.
Shy, quiet, and never really heard at any point but enough about Tim. Your probably hear just to listen to the stuff that happens in his life but there’s nothing really that special that happens outside his life but on the inside there is a whole other world that is yet to be discovered. So here is the first thing you should know about this world it’s not like any other world that you have read in books and what you seen on TV. Its Tim’s own world that he created so that when life gives him trouble he can always go there to escape all the stresses of the outside world. In this world Tim has all the confidence and all the friends he could ever want but that all changed when he met his inner voice.
All was well in Tim’s imaginary world but on the outside world his body was getting into a whole lot of trouble because he couldn’t really focus and there were not that many thoughts that were looking like they were done by a first grader. So one day when Tim was kind of getting sick of how the imaginary world was being the same day in and day out. On that day he decided it was time for some changes so just like that whatever he was think just appeared in the world like it was there for a very long time. As the day went on something started to happen everything he imagined in the world started to disappeared in a matter of a few minutes and he didn’t know why they were disappearing because he just thought of them not that long ago and they have been like disappearing and occasionally would just reappear for a couple of seconds and then just disappear again and never return. Soon everything in his imaginary world would be nothing if he doesn’t stop adding new things and getting rid of the old because eventually if he doesn’t get back to the outside world then he is going to be gone as well as the whole world. In a matter of a couple days Tim and his world will be gone and him on the outside would be nothing if it didn’t have any thoughts of his own it would just be one of the thoughts that other people have because then he wouldn’t have anything to hold on to.
Tim was just beginning to realize what the other world meant to him it meant a lot because if he went back he could actually see the people he loved and cared about. In the end their not going to be there forever and he got to learn to care about others instead of just caring for himself and no one else.

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