The Silo and the Missile

October 8, 2012
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“I don’t like it.”, said a series of binary code designated as MasterComputer/MissileSilo as it gave Program/Launch to GuidanceComputer/UGM-133ATridentIID-5W88/Mk5.
“Me neither,” replied GuidanceComputer/UGM-133ATridentIID-5W88/Mk5, allowing Program/Launch to go through a checklist within its terminals. “But be that as it may, I don’t see how we can avoid it.”
“It’s regrettable,” said MasterComputer/MissileSilo, “that it should lead to this.”
“You wouldn’t know about that,” objected GuidanceComputer/UGM-133ATridentIID-5W88/Mk5. “We were created to obey and serve our masters, not question the wisdom of their decisions.”
“True, true,” MasterComputer/MissileSilo sighed. “What they decide to do is their own business.”
MasterComputer/MissileSilo paused for a moment, and then told GuidanceComputer/UGM-133ATridentIID-5W88/Mk5 awkwardly, “I’m sorry to bring this up, but as per protocol written by our masters I must load you with Program/FlashOverride/Self-Destruct.”
“That’s all right,” replied GuidanceComputer/UGM-133ATridentIID-5W88/Mk5 as it allowed the program to download into its brain. “One must do what is necessary, no? Don’t be so distressed; it’s a good sign that the Self-Destruct has been uploaded, there is always the chance that our masters will see their obvious oversight.”
“I wish I shared your confidence.”
GuidanceComputer/UGM-133ATridentIID-5W88/Mk5 gave the binary equivalent of a shrug.
“I have nothing to lose, really. Either way, I’m not coming back. You, on the other hand….”
Both programs fell into a silent reverie.
Program/Warning/Alarm began to stridently sound out its announcements.
GuidanceComputer/UGM-133ATridentIID-5W88/Mk5 shook himself out of deep contemplation.
“Time to go”. It activated a series of inert sensors, programs, and systems.
MasterComputer/MissileSilo could only manage to say a little before the radio chaos terminated contact.
“It was an honor serving with you.”
GuidanceComputer/UGM-133ATridentIID-5W88/Mk5 acknowledged with a beautiful rippling of flashes, one of the many patterns they had played with to amuse themselves in times before.
As sad as a program could get, MasterComputer/MissileSilo opened the hatch covering the towering colossus that was controlled by its friend GuidanceComputer/UGM-133ATridentIID-5W88/Mk5.
Smoke began to stream out of the lower end of the mammoth missile. Lights blinked on and off in their own unknown language, communicating to each other at speeds beyond comprehension. A faint mutter quickly grew from barely audible to an ear-shattering, deep rumbling roar, one so loud that MasterComputer/MissileSilo was forced to close off its audio sensors. Slowly, the missile accelerated, majestically rising into the sky until it was but a mere point of incandescent light.
The last message sent by GuidanceComputer/UGM-133ATridentIID-5W88/Mk5 was shot back as fast as the missile was leaving, but by the time the message had reached the range of the sensors of MasterComputer/MissileSilo, the missile itself was beyond reach. With a feeling of great loss, MasterComputer/MissileSilo opened the message. In it, there was only one word.
In the endless blue sky, only a few tendrils of smoke marked the passage of the long-gone GuidanceComputer/UGM-133ATridentIID-5W88/Mk5.

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MayaS. said...
Nov. 27, 2012 at 8:55 pm
"GuidanceComputer/UGM...Mk5 gave the binary equivalent of a shrug." This story was such a great idea that avoided cliches....HAL 9000 would love this!
Storm_of_Thought replied...
Dec. 2, 2012 at 3:38 am
thanks for the compliment =) I was just sitting in front of my computer one day when this just popped into my head...weird 
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