Ralphy Atticus McKing

May 11, 2012
By Anonymous

There once was a miniature elephant named Ralphy Atticus McKing. Ralphy was no ordinary miniature elephant; he could fit in the palm of your hand. Ralphy was particularly small because his parents had a drug addiction problem. He moved out of his parent’s house and lived with his nana and papa. He was a junior in high school and was too cool for all the girls in school. This is why he was attending prom alone.

Ralphy rented a tux, bought his prom ticket, and took dance classes. The night of prom, Ralphy drove his boat across the lake to eat dinner before prom with his friends. He had some five star lettuce and peanuts. Ralphy had so much fun at dinner. He made a lot of jokes and all his friends would laugh. The waiter was really funny also. Ralphy seemed to know everyone at the restaurant. Ralphy was such a sweet little elephant. One of his friends lost his wallet, and he helped buy his friends’ meals. While leaving the restaurant, he saw a lot more of his friends going to prom all dressed up just like him. Ralphy then got in the boat and went to the prom location.

Ralphy arrived early to prom and talked with friends at the boat dock until time to go in. Soon that time came, and Ralphy entered the building. It looked decent. Walking in, he got his picture taken, and then went to the dance floor to get his groove on, or as some people say, to dance. He found a table to sit at and watched people come in until there were enough people to mingle with. Then he was walking to the bathroom when the principal walked up and said, “Ralphy, I need you to come outside with me.” As Ralphy was walking out the door, the principal was apologizing to him saying that she was sorry that Ralphy had to deal with the problem he was about to face.

To avoid embarrassment for Ralphy, the principal took Ralphy the long way to the boat dock where his boat was parked. As he was galloping toward his boat with the principal, he saw the police and drug dog at his boat. They said the dog smelled drugs in his boat, and they would need to search it. Ralphy approved and the principal asked if anyone had borrowed his boat lately. The only people who had were his parents. The police went through his boat and found traces of pot in the car, but the police knew it wasn’t Ralphy because he is a really good miniature elephant. They came back and told Ralphy to vacuum out his boat then allowed him to go back to prom. The principal walked with him He was a little stressed out, but he managed to enjoy the rest of his night. Ralphy learned a lesson that night: Never do drugs and never let people who do use them around your boat.

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