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July 31, 2011
By cheshirepwn SILVER, Louisville, Kentucky
cheshirepwn SILVER, Louisville, Kentucky
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Chapter 1- Transcending Worlds

What is magic? Is it good for kids to believe in such trivial things? Why is it important? The omnipotent feeling of magic can be real or fake, that is up to the eye of the beholder but I beg you to read on before you abandon hope. Magic is an important part of every living beings life and can be found in many ways: Perspective, Moments, and Odds.

In a person’s perspective, magic can be something gained by other means than one’s normal thought process. What this means is not that one will make fire appear out of thin air and fight dragons, but that life itself is magical. A child reading books may find that he hates them and wishes to never read again, but if given a book that allows him to feel more free and excited, his personal feelings may be changed. Magic can be described in this way as a perspective of the enlightened. When you find something that changes how you perceive another, that’s a form of magic.

There are many moments in which a person will feel different, maybe they feel light and tingly as though they finally exist, or maybe they feel free, as though their life had been a bridge to take them to this point. A person’s first kiss may be one of these moments. Upon a first kiss, a feeling of awe, excitement, nervousness, freedom, and etc. can be found in one place. This confounding alignment of emotion is so rare and unexplainable that some may say it is suitable for a “magic” moment.

Finally, a person may find a variety of “Odds” that they define as magic, or miracles. A waterfall pouring salacity into a moon lake as a helix rainbow unites the skies above in its visage. A girl getting hit by a car going eighty miles an hour and survives. A father seeing his daughter in danger and gaining momentous speed just to protect her. These things are noted throughout history as “odds” and are also the most fantastical and wondrous forms of magic.

This worlds favored way? As an illusionist. The twinkle in your lovers eye when they are happy that makes you feel light and know everything is perfect, if only for a second. The everdescent light of the autumn moon that corallines with the wings of the phoenix, which leaves your heart to wonder into eternity. The feeling of complete bliss when riding a motorcycle on a long empty road. The enlightening kiss of power that flows into a person when they get a compliment. The feeling of wind on your face when you go sky boarding. Above all though, there is no greater magical feeling to those of our world then the feeling of finding our calling.

The world of Kyrn is not like our world in how magic is viewed however. For as we view magic as miracles or feelings, the people of this world see magic as power or control. How so? A magician wields magic to summon balls of fire with but a whisper. A wizard can summon a bolt of lightning from the sky to strike down those they see fit. A Necromancer can raise those lost from the world, back up from the burial site and use them as puppets to fulfill their every desire. In this world magic is as real and dangerous as an unshealthed sword hung precariously overhead. The dangers of magic always lurks around every corner, but those who can actually control this mysterious power are limited to a select few. You are one of those blessed. You are about to begin your life as a member of a powerful group known to the world as the Magi. In this world you will be feared, hated, admired, beloved, and possibly even persecuted for the practices you study. If you are ready to accept these trivial problems then... Wake Up...

"Wake up Morticai, Wake Up!" Cheshire bellowed as he bullrushed the small frail child off the bed. "Your almost late for your first day of review before the 'Test'" he whined.

Morticai stood solemnly as he patted out the wrinkles in his new black robes. "Bloody beggart..." he whispered, glaring at Cheshire in discust. Morticai had summoned Cheshire as a show of skill last year, and his prowess in the field of magic had not gone unnoticed. Cheshire was likewise, as he stood six feet tall, had long black shaggy hair, red eyes, a black an gold laced sleeveless shirt with a red bowtie, black and gold baggy pants, clawed feet and hands, and a cat tail protruding precariously from his hind-quarters. How he managed to stay out of suspicion while walking halls laced with young mages, was beyond Morticai's power of apprehencian.

"Shall we go?" Cheshire asked leaping from the ground to the windowseal, which was twenty five feet away, in a single bound. "Can we, can we, can we?" He asked excitedly.

"If you insist you bag of litter..." Morticai replied coldly. He summoned his wand and ordered the rambunctious cat-man to finish dressing him for the lecture. After about ten minutes of speedy dressing and straightening up, they were finally done. "Lead on miscrient." He ordered.

"Yes Sur!" Cheshire shouted as he leaped on the wall next to them an bounced from wall to wall all the way down the long corridor which was his masters room. Upon reaching the door, Cheshire turned opened the door and stood straight up in a butler-like stance awaiting his young master to exit the room first.

"Good pest, finally learning your place, are we?" Mortacai said more then asked with a hint of venom in his tone.

"Why yes master, always here to please the master, dontcha know it, yup yup, thats is what I are here ta doooooo" Cheshire said with a elevating tone as he hunched his back and walked around in circles trying to look his best like a monkey. "Maybe I get treat from my loving master, pest love treat, that he does." He jested.

"RODENT!" he shouted at the jester-like servant.

"Sorry, my lord, I was caught up in the moment." Cheshire replied sadly. And he helped his master through the door, once again retaining the dignity and grace of a butler.

"Don't let it happen again, or I'll have to summon a mouse to eat you." He threatened.

"A cat eaten by a mouse. Master is most humorous today, however you should know, that if not for this mark." He said pointed at a seemingly nondescript plus sign on his left cat ear. "I would have tasted your dark soul in intirity the day you tryed to make the pact. Remember master, I am yours holey, until the day you die, or my true master is born. On that day, you will bow before me and call me master, and all around will recognize me as the most powerful being in this world!" He shouted.

"Calm down, you may have nine lives, but I will always be more powerful then you, street urchin." his master stated and then ordered him to run face first into the next door, which he did with pleasure, destroying the door and faceplanting himself on the fire enchanted floor of the student library. "Good boy."

Cheshire recovered quickly and grinned at how dark his master had become since they first met. When he had been summoned from the abyss, he had expected a grand sorceror of immense power and an aura that would make him praise the man while he sucked the life out of him. Instead he was greeted by a small frail child. Mortacai had bright red hair, pale skin, grey emotionless eyes, and a stature that seemed a small gust of wind could destroy. The child had been so cheerful upon seeing Cheshire, that it made the demon question his own power. The child had asked him to be his friend, and Cheshire, thinking it was a joke, agreed, but was startled to realize that the child had placed a high level mark on his ear. A bond had been made between the two that day, and ever sense the boy had slowly lost his enthusiasm for life, and had become a bitter young monster, delighting only in others pain and misery.

"It is time." Mortacai announced, drawing Cheshire out of his thoughts, and making him focus on their surroundings. It was his job to ensure the saftey of his master, no matter the cost. If his master didnt die of natural causes, then their deal would be broken, and his soul would go free. That he could not except. He stared around the room with wonder as young mages tested out some basic spells before the lesson. He noticed a shadowy figure in the back corner of the theater using a spell know as Magma bolt. 'A spell of great power' he awknowledged, and then laughed as the spell failed and melted the figure into a puddle.

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