The Gnome

May 11, 2011
By tuntematon BRONZE, Sturgis, South Dakota
tuntematon BRONZE, Sturgis, South Dakota
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Under the land of Vanaheimr, in the land of Svartalfheim lived a gnome named The Gnome. The Gnome was tired of Svartalheim and wanted to leave. He wished to leave the underground world of Svartalfheim and go to Vanaheimr. Vanaheimr was the land of the gods of wisdom and precognition, the ability to see the future.

The Gnome was sick of the world of the underground and the lack of color that existed there. He had finally has enough, and decided it was ready to leave Svartalfheim to explore to world above. First he knew he would have to change his cloths from a dull brown to something that would match the land of Vanaheimr. The problem was, The Gnome had no idea what Vanaheimr looked like, or what was there. All he knew about Vanaheimr was that is the land of the gods of wisdom and precognition. The Gnome knew that the only one that could help him leave Svartalfheim, and get clothes that matched Vanaheimr was his brother, Nidhogg. Nidhogg was the only gnome to leave Svartalfheim and return to tell of what he saw.

The Gnome found Nidhogg and asked him “Nidhogg I need your help leaving Svartalfheim, I’m tired of this place and want to explore the world above, can you help me getting clothes and find a way out of here?” Nidhogg understanding how The Gnome felt, agreed to help him leave Svartalfheim. He said “I still have my clothes I wore when I left, and they should fit you. But before you go to Vanaheimr you should know some things about it. Vanaheimr is the home to the Vanir. The Vanir are a group of gods of wisdom, fertility, and precognition.” The Gnome was interested in the gods of precognition and wisdom, so that he could tap the powers of the gods, and become the most powerful gnome to ever live.

After Nidhogg finished telling The Gnome about Vanaheimr and how to get there, The Gnome was ready to leave, he had his clothes, a map of how to leave Svartalfheim and a map of Vanaheimr. He found the tunnel that Nidhogg told him about, and began the long twisting path that would follow. As he neared the end of tunnel, The Gnome stop and change into the green tunic and pants that he had obtained from Nidhogg. After he finished changing, The Gnome took his first step into daylight and the outside world. Unsure of what to expect, The Gnome was ready for anything.

The one thing that The Gnome wasn’t expecting was a war of the gods. Unsure on what he should do, The Gnome began to go back into the cave he came out of, but as he started to walk in it began to collapse. The Gnome was forced to run out into the chaos of the war. The Gnome had no idea who was winning or what started the war. But he did know that it was a war between the gods of Svartalfheim and Vanaheimr and that he was standing in the middle of it. He knew this was the only change that he would get to obtain the powers of wisdom and precognition; he would just have to find a god of wisdom and precognition and kill them. The Gnome was glad that he asked Nidhogg for information on Vanaheimr, or he wouldn’t have figured out that if he kills a god he will get their powers.

The problem with him getting the powers of gods is that it will force The Gnome to be exiled from his race and have to wonder the world alone. The Gnome was too greedy and sought too much power to care about being exiled and proceeded to find the gods he sought. As he was looking he found a short sword dropped by one of the men fighting for one of the gods. As he was searching he came to a huge crater, and at its center was a person. Slowly creeping up on the man he saw that he was injured. Taking his chances The Gnome drew his sword and stabbed the man in the back.

The Gnome kills that man in the crater, but it turns out that the man he killed was one of his gods. He killed a god of life, but lucky the god had killed a god of wisdom and a god of precognition. The Gnome was forced into exile for many reasons, but the main one was that he killed one of his own gods. Now The Gnome is nearly immortal, but at the cost of being exiled from his race. Now The Gnome wonders the world trying to figure out a way that he can get revenge on his brother. Because he feels that his brother tricked him into going to the surface, and tempting him with the powers of the gods.

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