For You, My Little Brother

February 1, 2011
By SonicBee626 SILVER, St-Leonard, Other
SonicBee626 SILVER, St-Leonard, Other
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Xavier gazed at his opponent, his eyes blazing like a thousand suns, his determination endless. Despite feeling like his heart would burst in his chest, his piercing smile made him look absolutely fearless. His tenacity and dynamic look puzzled the locals and the Knights of Sapphire praised him for his bravery. The young, twenty-year-old blacksmith rushed to his opponent, sword in hand. Their weapons struck and sparks flew everywhere. Xavier drew back and took off his leather jacket, his grin always presenton his face. This had become a tradition for him and his brother, Adrian. Every day in the dim light of dawn, they fought among themselves in the old barn where they have been raised since their childhood. The birds sang and the fog lifted slowly. The young man's heart swelled and he felt that nothing is better than this. Nothing at all.

Xavier placed his sword on the table beside him, and he and his brother opened the big barn door, revealing a small village that buzzed with people. However, the peasants seemed to be disturbed. Something dark travelled over the village.

Suddenly, a distant cry caught Xavier’s attention and the peasants fled in all directions. Xavier then spotted what was causing all the commotion: in the distance, the Black Army hurried to the village, the sadistic Knights showing no mercy. They captured women and children and stabbed the men and all others who got in their way. Xavier gasped and Adrian shuddered. This was not the first time that the Black Army attacked the village. However, the attacks were still just as vicious and just as terrifying. Xavier went to get his sword. He would not stay on the sidelines and watch as the massacre unfolded before his eyes. He saw the leader of the Black Knights who held a peasant woman by the arm, and went to her aid. Xavier tightened his grip on his weapon and struck the enemy leader’s wrist. The latter growled in pain and dropped the peasant woman. Xavier struck again, this time to the side of the Knight’s skull. The Commander stumbled backwards and fell on his back. The Black Knight took out his own sword and lunged towards the blacksmith. Xavier deflected the attack. However, he was distracted by his brother’s alarmed yelp, and the Knight struck his arm, leaving a large bash. Xavier cried and collapsed, clutching his arm. The Knight gave a malicious chuckle. The Knight grabbed Xavier by the hair and pulled him up, ignoring the young man’s pained groan.

The Black Knight pointed to the barn a few yards away. Another Army soldier held Adrian by the boy’s neck. The soldier raised his other arm, where he held a dagger. Xavier froze and cried.

“Please, I beg you, let him live! I beg you! Oh my god, someone help him!”

His cries were in vain. Everything seemed like an illusion from that momenton. Everything was blurry. The soldier released Adrian and blue lights floated around Xavier’s brother. The Knights of Sapphire chased the Black Army out of the village. Xavier got up and raced toward the barn. He knelt beside his brother and cried for help. But nobody came. The last memory he had was that of Adrian’s eyes: dark, cold and lifeless.

Xavier stared at the gravestone in frontof him, forget-me-nots bloomed each side of the tomb. The morning fog and bird songs reminded him of the events that happened so long ago. Nothing had changed. Almost nothing, actually. Since that nightmare had emerged, the blacksmith himself became the leader of the desert rebels. As for Adrian, well, his audacity caused him his defeat. Xavier felt a hand on his shoulder.

“Are you alright, chief?” asked his second-in-command. Xavier gave him a bittersweet smile.

“I’m alright, Zephyr.” Xavier replied. “I’m alright.”

In the distance, near the path to the forest, his troops waited for their departure. Following the death of Adrian, Xavier felt anguish and rage against his people. The Sapphire Knights had not even bothered to try to save his brother. That day, a part of Xavier drowned in the darkness of death along with Adrian. And so, in revenge, he murdered the Knights of Sapphire, one by one, until they all had fallen. Also, he joined the desert rebels, because in reality, it was for the best. Not only was he now a fugitive in his ancient country, but the memories of his old life were too painful. His heart simply could no longer survive in this world so grim.

Xavier examined the gravestone one last time and went to join his troops. On the tombstone was written:

“For you, my little brother.”

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