The New Legend

July 9, 2010
By saostick GOLD, Virginia Beach, Virginia
saostick GOLD, Virginia Beach, Virginia
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The Birth of a Hero

John had June’s hand in his own. The town of Faberwood is burning. The army of Rio has burned down the wall and is now slowly slaughtering each and every family that inhabits the small town. June is giving birth as the army approaches.

“June! Push sweetheart!”, John yells over the cries of his friends.

“Ahhhhhhhh!”, June screams as she gives one last push.

John now holds his son and gives a big smile.

“He’s beautiful.”

“Let me see my son.”

John hands the baby to his wife. She holds him tightly knowing that this will be the only time she will ever see her son.

“What shall we name him?”, John asks.

“His name shall be…..Jason”, June answers.

The army approaches John and June’s hut.

“We do not have much time John. Rio approaches.”, June says to John desperately.

John looks to his sword.

It is a short sword with a blade made out of obsidian. The blade is sharpened to where it will cut through metal like a butter knife cutting through butter.

“Don’t think about it John.”

“June. The army will come in here and slaughter us. They will not spare Jason. They have no sympathy for us.”

“I can not raise our son alone.”

“You are strong June. I know you can. Be sure to tell him great things about me. I love you.”

John moves toward June and kisses her on the lips. He rubs Jason’s head and kisses him on the forehead. A tear falls from his cheek. He turns away from his family ready to die for them. He grabs his black armor and his obsidian sword and walks out the wooden door.

He stares at the thousands upon thousand of Rio’s army. He looks at the fallen bodies, some of which are his friends. Some bodies are unrecognizable. He stares at the vast field of bodies and burnt ashes of homes. He sees the army that shows no sign of sadness in their black eyes. Rio’s rides a black horses with blood stained armor. He spots John.

“Ahhhhh. A fool who wishes to stand up against my army”, Rio yells.

His army laughs.

John stands shaking at the mass of the army.

“Lets see how good this peasant can fight”, Rio says.

One of Rio’s servants walks forward. He carries an axe and has black armor with a helmet that has spikes that seem to impale his head. John lowers his face guard and grabs his sword from its holster and prepares for battle. The servant charges John and swings the axe down. John side steps dodging the blow and stabs his sword down slicing through the servants armor with ease. Black blood shoots up. John pulls his sword out. The servant falls dead.

“This peasant is a trained swords men. Bring someone a bit more…..challenging!”, Rio yells to his army.



June finds the escape hatch under the mat on the floor. She grabs the dagger her husband left for her and some food and water. With Jason in her arms she climbs down the hatch and closes the it quietly. She now waits.




Suddenly the ground shakes each time the massive soldier steps. He carries a massive battle hammer and has no armor. John looks hopelessly at the massive soldier. The soldiers muscles bulge. He has several arrows sticking out of him. They don’t seem to bring him any pain.

“Good luck peasant”, Rio yells to John.

The soldier swings the giant hammer at John. John back flips out of the way still sizing up his new foe. The soldier swings the hammer down shattering the earth at John’s feet causing him to loose balance and fall down. The soldier quickly pulls the hammer back up and slams it down. John rolls out of the way just as the hammer strikes the earth. The soldier picks the hammer up again preparing to smash John to oblivion. John rolls to his back and grabs the hidden throwing knife behind his chest plate. He quickly throws it at the goliath. The knife strikes the goliath at his left jugular vein sticking out causing blood to spit out. The goliath seems surprised. He stumbles then falls to one knee.

Rio looks surprised.

John walks over with the goliaths black blood on his face. He bends the soldiers head then stabs the soldier in the neck with the obsidian blade. The soldier stops breathing. John holds up the soldier’s head revealing it to Rio and his army.

Rio stares at John in disbelief.

“Alright! Lets see how he does against two enemies!”, Rio yells as he waves his arm.

John is breathing harder, his heart is pumping faster. He has been in the Faberwood militia for twenty years and is the best swordsmen. He walks over to the first enemy he killed and takes the axe. He has his sword in his right hand and the axe in the left. The two brutes come into view, each carrying a mace.

John gives a smirk. He charges. John throws the axe at one guy making it go through his back, but still stuck in his body. The other enemy strikes at John with his mace missing. John picks up the enemy with the axe in his chest and throws him at the living enemy. The living enemy is impaled by the axe in the guys back.

Rio’s temper starts to boil.

“I’ve had enough! I’ll kill you myself!”, Rio jumps off his horse and stands thirty feet from John.

“So you decide not to be a coward and come and fight me!”, John yells to Rio courageously.

“Your strong and a well trained fighter. It’s a shame that I have to kill you!”, Rio yells to John almost sympathetically.

“Your wrong!”

“About what?”

“I’m going to kill you!”

Rio stares at John surprised. He takes out his blood red sword. The red seems to be moving like there is actual blood within the blade. The blade length is two feet longer than John’s.

John smirks at Rio.

“You think you scare me! You think that your sword will hold my blood within its blade! Your wrong Rio! And you shall die by your own blade”, John screams at Rio.

Rio screams in anger. He charges John with the sword pointed at John’s heart.

John prepares. He charges also. He gains speed aiming his sword at Rio’s neck. The two are within fifteen feet of each. Rio stabs at John. John deflects every blow. John moves in punching Rio in the stomach five times as hard as he could. The blows do not seem to effect Rio. Rio elbows John in the head making him drop. Rio takes his sword and stabs down. John moves out of the way with half a second to spare. John takes the butt of his sword and slams it into Rio’s shin cracking bone. Rio ignores the pain and kicks John. John flies up in the air fifteen feet spinning crazily. He lands with a thud. The earth is cracked under him.

“How did….did you do that?”, John asks Rio obviously hurt.

Rio runs as fast as lightning and punches his fist into John’s stomach sending john flying and bashing through the crowd of servants. John’s back slams through the broken wall of the town. Blood is dripping from John’s mouth. His arm is impaled by a broken piece of wood.

“You thought that I was just like the others!”, Rio yells from seventy feet away.

“Well…it was a thought”, John whispers to himself.


John is sent flying through the other side of the wall. The wood that impaled his arm is still sticking out. Rio stands above John. He bends down and picks him up by his armor plate.

“You thought you could kill me! You haven’t done your research boy! I’ve been to hell and back. You cannot kill me”, Rio yells at John’s face.

John says something under his breath, to low for Rio to hear.

Rio shakes John, “What did you say?”

John says it with gasps, “Your…not…that…smart.”

Rio eyes light up with rage. He grabs his sword and lifts it over his head.

“Any last words?”, Rio asks.

“Good riddance”, John says to Rio.

“What?”, Rio asks.

John lifts his arm with the piece of wood impaled through it.

“Good-bye”, John says.

John swings his arm and stabs the wood through the side of Rio. Rio sprays blood on John’s face. John takes the wood out of Rio’s side. He stabs it in Rio’s side three more times. Rio falls bleeding profusely. His sword falls by his side. John falls from weakness. He lays there for a few seconds then stands up. He takes the wood out of his arm and throws it at Rio’s head. He walks over and grabs Rio’s sword. He takes the sword and holds it over Rio’s heart.

“That sword…will control you”, Rio says to John.

John slams the sword down slicing through Rio’s heart with ease. Rio dies instantly. The moment is silent. You could hear a bird chirp.

John takes the sword out of Rio and holds it up. John stares at the blood moving inside the blade. He is memorized by it. Flashes of chaos go through his mind. John is now a pawn of the spirit of chaos. He is the new leader of the chaos.



Hours pass. June unlocks the hatch and walks out carrying Jason. There house has burned down and there is no sign of John. June walks through the ashes and rubble looking at the bloody remains of her friends. A tear falls from her face as she looks around. She walks to where her husband battled Rio. She looks confused when she sees the body of Rio’s, but her husband is no where to be seen. She drops to her knees and lets out a blood curdling scream when she realizes what has happened to her husband. She sits there crying for a few minutes. As no more tears fall from her cheeks she gets up and walks out of the destroyed gates of Faberwood. She begins her journey to the town of Magra.

As a great hero falls and becomes the enemy,
Another is born to stop him.

The author's comments:
My new epic story.

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