666 Asisstant

June 1, 2010
By duecesluva101 BRONZE, New York, New York
duecesluva101 BRONZE, New York, New York
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I thought I was a child. Just a regular child. I thought I was like everyone else. Turns out i wasnt. I was different. I was a dark person who didnt want to talk to anyone, see anyone, or be like anyone. I was the palest kid you would imagine living in Conneticut. I had really straight hair that just hung over my face. I just didnt care anymore. I never thought how I would die though. I was goth, and people always think goth people think about death. I never did. I was one of those kids who didnt believe in anything either. You live and you die was my part of thinking, but the thing is, is I never lived. At one point in my life, I never thought I could be more dead than I was. That all changed November 27 1982 when I was 15 years old. Thats when things started to get different.
"Kyle its time for church honey!" my mom Molley called. I didnt wake up or get up.
"Kyle, did you hear me!?! I said its time for church!" Molly said.
"Im not going! I hate God or Jesus or whatever you believe in! I dont believe in any of that crap. Just leave me alone!" i yelled looking at her with my dark brown eyes that looked like black. She looked hurt after I said that, but I turned my head and lied back down.
"Sometimes I think you are the devils child!" my mom cried.
"And?" I said emotionless. My mom shut the door visioulsy. I didnt care. Then my sister Masey came up.
"Kyle you ain't cumin'?" my sister said with her Texin accent. She was born in Texas and I was born here in Conneticut.
"No. I dont believe in it Mase! I just dont!" i said to my sister in a nice way. She was the only one who understood me and treated me like I was a normal person.
"Its alright Kyle. Its okay! I dont blame you for not wanting to go," she said with a smile.
"Yeah well lucky you that you only got this last year of school and then you can get out of here and go to college," I said moving my greasy hair away from my face.
"Yeah i know. I'll pray for you!" she said. She smiled and laughed and so did I.
"Anyway, gotta go. See you later!" she smiled. Later that night at dinner my dad Marc was home for the first time. I usually go to my room to be away from everyone, but my dad tried changing that.
"Kyle, where you think you goin'? C'mon dude eat here," my dadd said with his southern accent.
"No. I eat in my room. Away from people thank you very much," i say walking up my stairs.
"Kyle, I'm not playin' with you. Your goin' to sit down with us tonight whether you like it or not! I don't know what's been goin' on when I'm not here, but I'm here right now," my dad said with his voice rising higher and higher. I sit down, but don't eat.
"What's been goin' on with you lately Kyle?! You don't go to church or nuthin'. I just don't get you boy! Your hair is as long as a horses main! You wair those stupid dark clothes and you don't talk to no one!" my dad said with a tight mad face.
"Dad he just"
"I dont wanna' hear it nuthin' from your mouth girl!" my dad interupted my sister.
"I dont care anymore alright. Just leave me alone! Ya got that!" I said storming up to my room.
The next day at school this goth guy Shane kept writing 666 all over himself.
"Hey, whats that mean?" I asked at lunch.
"It stands for the devil. There's a legend my brother told me that whoever put's 666 on themseleves eventually die sooner. We are trying it," Shane smiles and keeps writing. I look at the 666 with a blank face and walk away.
That night i couldn't stop thinking about that 666. It's like it was taunting me. (Not that I believe in stuff like that.) I decided to try it out. I got my black sharpie and wrote 666 on my chest. I laughed at the fact that I was doing this. The next morning it was gone. So much for permanent marker I thought.
"Yo, yo, man. What's your name?!" this guy asked me who was hanging out with Shane yesterday.
"Kyle. Now leave me alone," I said with a straight face.
"Sheane's in the hospital man! I dont think hes gunna' make it!" the kid yelled. "I think it gotta do with the 666!"
"Can you just shut up and get outta' here!" I yelled with a really mad face.
After school I just had this idea to go to the abandoned park. I sat on the swing with my head down and my hair greasier than ever all in my face. I heard whispers. I didnt believe in stuff like that, but then I started getting flashes. It was dark and said I wont stop. One time I heard come with me or your mine now. I figured it was time for me to get some rest. At 1am I started getting this ache in my chest. It was so bad that I wanted to start screaming. Then it just stopped and I went to sleep. I woke up in the morning. I felt my chest. 666 was engraved in my chest. I wanted to scream, but I just breathed hard. It was the same exact place where I wrote it before. I couldn't tell anyone. Anyone, but my sister. It was Friday when everyone was out except Masey.
"Mase!" I called from my room.
"What ya' want?" she asked on the phone with one of her friends.
"Masey I need to talk to you about something serious and I never ask you for much," I say with a worried face.
"Trace, I'm gunna' have to call you back girl," she said and closed her phone.
"What's goin' on baby boy?" she asked. I loved when she said that. It showed she was all eyes and ears for you. Only you.
"There was some dude at school talking about 666 and i did it," I said.
"Alright," she said looking confused. I pulled up my shirt and told her what happened.
"Kyle, I know you always think some things are fake, but you have to be careful with stuff like this! This seems to be kinda weird boy!" she said kind of scared. She went to touch it.
"AHHH!!" I screamed. Masey gasped.
"Your cursed. Your cursed Kyle and I dont care what you say, but its the truth!" Masey said. She looked like she was going to cry! I never liked to see my sister cry. I had to do something.
"What can I do to make it go away?" I asked emotionless.
"Nothin'. What like you wanna' try prayin' to God now?! There ain't no way God's gunna forgive you!" Masey said pannicking.
"Mase, chill. I'm not praying. Forget it!" I yelled.
"Please Kyle. I dont want no devil takin' my brothers lil' soul!" Macey cried abd pleated. Ten mintues later I was praying.
"Dear Lord. Please forgi AHH" I yelled. I felt my whole body go into this shock. Then Masey crying.
"Its just too late. Lord please, Lord please!" she cried.
"Just forget it. I'll live!" I said with a straight face.
That night the pain got a little worse. That night I was also possessed by 666. I went into my sisters room and stood over her for 2 hours. I then grabbed her by the neck and started to choke her. Then she started to scream a little and my parents came in.
"Kyle enough boy!" Marc screamed. I stopped and went into my shorts pocket and pulled out a pocket knife and was about to thrown it at my father, but then i stopped.
"AHHH!!" I screamed and dropped the knife and held my chest. I was breathing hard.
"What's goin on with you? You are the devils child!" my mother yelled.
"Molly calm yourself hun! Kyle, I wanna' know why you were chocking your loving sister! You love her!" my dad said looking like he was about to break down crying.
"Dad I.."
"We were joking around. He wasnt serious," Masey said laughing. I looked at her with a scared face. I turned back to my father looking at me. I nodded and swollowed hard.
"We're going to the doctor, tomorrow!You understand me boy?!" he yelled at me with a serious face.
"Whatever," I said emotionlessly pushing past him and went straight to my room.
The next day my dad, my mom, my sister, and I went to Dr.Roth's.
"My son is the devils child! I'm worried about him!" my mother cried. I was hunched over with my hair in my face, emotionless.
"What's going on son?" Dr.Roth asked.
"Nothing. Just had a bad dream," I said with my head down.
"well," my sister Masey told the doctor that I was sleep walking.
"Well, according to what Masey is saying, your son just has a bad case if sleep walking," Dr.Roth said.
"Thanks Dr.Roth," my mother said with smiles. I nodded my head side to side.
"You just fall for everything you hear! Your so stupid. Stupid, stupid, stupid!" I yelled and pointed at my mother. She looked like she was about to cry as usual. I grabbed Masey.
"C'mon Masey we're going in your car," I said and pulled her.
"Kyle Mason, I'm not playin' witchu boy! You better get back here and apologize to your mother, ya' hear?! Kyle!" I heard my father scream, but I just kept pulling my sister Masey through the white halls pf the hospital.
"Open the car door and drive to the abandoned park," I ordered her.
"Kyle, this ain't makin' no sense ya hear?! That place is abandoned!" she said kind of worried.
"Mase, I love you, but drive or I will," I said with my dads tight face. She looked scared, so she drove there.
I sat on the swing when we got there.
"Kyle, c'mon its gon' rain child!" she said.
"Alright," I said with a deep dark voice.
I went straight to my room when I got home. I felt my pain tighten up. I went to bed early hoping the pain would ease off on its own. My sister put a camera in my room to see what I did while I was "sleep walking."
"AHHHHHHHHH!!!!" I yelled louder than ever.
"What happened baby?!" my mom came up to my room yelling.
"Get off of me," I grunted with my pain intensing a little bit. She rubbed my arm.
"Why does it feel so ruff?!" my mom asked with her wide eyes. She pulled up my sleeve. 666,666,666,666,666 was what was written all over my body.
"Oh my god, you are the devils child Kyle! Lord help us!" my mother yelled and cried.
"AHH! Mom, dont say His name or whatever. The, the, the devil gives me more pain," I said looking down. My mom looked at me in shock.
"You believe?" my mom whispered.
"Yeah I guess. I dont know! I dont care. Get out of my room!" I yelled.
"Im calling the hospital!" my mom yelled. When we got to the hospital it was all gone. My mom was in shock and so was I. For the first time I teared a little. I knew I was going to die from this thing sooner or later.
For one week there was nothing happening to me. My sister still kept the video camera in my room. We eventually looked at the video before. Just my sister and I looked at it though. I grabbed a knife from under my pillow and went under my covers and started moving like crazy. Then I put the knife under my pillow and went to sleep. 5 minutes later I screamed. Masey and I looked at each other and we both had scared faces.
Two days later I had this heavy pain that just wouldnt go away. I wrote on a sheet of paper.
Entry 1,
Its the middle of the night. I finally believe in all of this. The ghosts, the possessions, the haunting, all of it. I dont think I'm going to live past tonight. The aches are worse than they have ever been. I feel like I have a hot coal being grinded all through my legs. I feel a drill drilling my teeth. I also fear the 666 coming into me. Taking me where I shall be forever. My soul being lost. I only wish I spent my years well. I believe, I do believe...
-the 666 asisstant
I am a 666 asisstant. I help kill people because I was killed thhat night on December 6th 1982. That night I had heard the devil talking to me. Yelling at me and getting in my head,
"YOU BELIEVE. DO YOU BELIEVE NOW?!" he screamed and screamed. I then went in my sisters room and whispered;
"Masey,pst Mase," I whispered. I smiled a dark smile and she gasped as my possessed smile was in her face.
"MOM, DAD!" Masey yelled. They came running in. I went under Masey's bed and picked up a gun. I laughede a dark laugh.
"I'll see you in hell," I cried. BAM! That was the last of me. I believe, oh do I believe.

The author's comments:
this was an in class assignment and my friend angie and i wanted to see who could make a reallly scary story. Some things i kind of took from paranormal activity and haunting in conneticut. they are both kind of creepy and weird in my opinion.

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This article has 1 comment.

Carla said...
on Jul. 21 2010 at 7:45 am
I really liked this story a lot.   I thought that it was scary for the reader, frightening for the main character, difficult for the parents, and so sad for the sister.   It seems to be a great teenager-self-identity story, and I like the message that:  Who you are is always transforming, from being "normal" to being "bad" to...  so you have to wait and see;  yo,u can't just end it all.   It was a really powerful commentary that although his suicide was, in a way, to save both his family members and himself, he did not let anyone help him transform into the next stage, which might have been helping others get over their OWN "bad" transformations because he's been through it.   The tale really has sooooo many levels, and I could go on and on, but I hope that people read and re-read it to find all of the many important messages and lessons about being a person growing from stage to stage.   Awesome writer.   Can't wait to read LOTS more thought-provoking stuff !!!


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