Outcasts: The Cursed Beginning

May 23, 2010
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A long, long time ago, way before you were born, there lived an old couple, only known as the Witch and Warlock. They were very skilled in their magics and were highly thought of in the small village in which they lived.
The queen of the land had just given birth to a young girl, who was very beautiful, as always. She asked the Witch and Warlock to make a necklace for the young girl, one which would give her powers. The Queen was very greedy about these things, and the couple knew it. So to punish the Queen, they made the necklace as instructed; but they added a few things.
Once put on the young child, everyone in the castle fell with a terrible disease. The Queen, now on her deathbed, knew that she'd brought this upon everybody. She called her daughter to her side, and the nurse carried the little girl in. It was then she ripped the necklace off the baby's neck; the infant slumped over, dead. The Queen cried out in anguish as her pain intensified tenfold. Anyone who had the sickness felt this firey burning in their lungs. The Witch and Warlock entered the Queen's room, with looks of satisfaction on their face. They took the necklace from the dying Queen, as the curse was now burned out, and the necklace was going to do what it was meant to. A white haired, yellow eyed girl followed in behind them. The Warlock handed the girl this necklace, and she put it on. She grew from about six years old to a fully matured woman before their eyes. This was what she was created to do. She was the immortal keeper of the necklace, for when the couple passed on.
"She'll make a good keeper," the Witch said fondly, pushing a strand of white hair behind the girl's ear.
Wouldn't she?

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