The Mystery Plants

March 3, 2010
By drop.dead.maddie BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
drop.dead.maddie BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
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It was mid November when things started to get strange. Things and people were disappearing. More people died each day. But no body knew what was going on. Earlier today, Tara May came to her death when she was at a bright red light. Her car exploded and burst into flames. You can only find bits and pieces but not every piece. We interviewed Jason Cornelius who experienced this awful tragedy was standing on the side of the street watching this whole thing.
He said “The car was in shambles. Out of no where, it burst into flames. I think that the oil was leaking and the engine appeared to be too hot. So that was probably the case.”
The guy that was working on Tara May’s car admitted something was going wrong with him the day he was fixing her car. He thinks the plants were making him crazy and do things wrong. So the plants made him think the wrong way and do things the way they’re not supposed to be done.
“Can you solve this case? Let us know at 1-800-fox-news or 1-800-369-3697,” guest Zaina Elsloo reported.
Later that day, people started killing themselves. They found knives, stabbed them through their own chest and pulled out their heart. They cut themselves until they bled to death. They also shot themselves in the temple, one of the worst places to shoot yourself. It spread across the United States leaving more and more people without their family. The resident at Blake’s Farm thinks he has an explanation.
He says, “Plants need us to talk to them. They want us to know if we care about them. To Show they’re furious, they ‘let go’ of a deadly chemical into the air. The chemical is so dreadful, it’s gotten to smaller cities and next it’s going to towns. Keep all doors locked, all windows closed and don’t let anyone in. They could bring the scent in and it will be in you house. You’ll breathe it and you will eventually die. Whatever you do, stay in large groups. It’s safest than being by yourself.”
It turns out the farmer was wrong. If you stay in large groups the chemicals get to you faster than when you’re by yourself. No one needs to know this now. 10% of 100% of Americans are still alive. The 10% were the people that disobeyed the farmer and stayed in small groups or stay alone. So the new rule is to always do the opposite of what people tell you.
“Eat man-made food for example. They say it tastes better but is it healthy for you? No. So you should stick with meat and vegetables and fruits,” the reporter says.
Those 10% all moved to Washington and made their own small groups. They started in a line and ended up in those groups. They separated and are now safe. The figured out why all this was happening. It was because the people weren’t giving the plants enough attention.
Two months later… everyone is safe and the past is gone. People have started talking to plants more often and the population is gradually going back up. People from all over the world heard about the tragedy and decided to move here to see if it would really happen to them. (Although I don’t know why someone would want to be killed.) Things have gotten better and lives have changed. Thank god those three months went by fast.

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