Road to true love part 1 chapter 2 section 4

February 25, 2010
By fanpire13 SILVER, Lawrence, Kansas
fanpire13 SILVER, Lawrence, Kansas
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“What?” I asked.
“Your mom is coming.”
As soon as I let him go, my mom walked into the room. “Are your two hungry?”
Yeah.” We said at the same time.
Dinner was very quiet. My mom would look between Eddy and Me. Eddy never looked up. I mostly kept my head down. Every once in awhile I would look at my mother. Who was looking at Eddy. “So what did you two do today?” my mom asked.
I answered “We watched movies all day, mom.”
“What did you guys watch?”
“I don’t know we picked movies at random.”
We both hurried and finished dinner. Then we both got up to leave. Eddy left the room first. I was almost out when my mom said “Hey AJ.”
“Yeah mom.”
“When you went to get Eddy’s shirt, my boss called. He asked me to come back in for a few hours.”
“Are you going to be fine here with Eddy, alone?”
“Yeah, I’ll be fine.”
“Alright, but make sure he leaves at a decent time.”
“Why school doesn’t start for a week.”
“I know, but his parents will probably not want him coming home extremely late.”
“Mom why do you have to go in this late?”
“Well in a day or so I’m going on a business trip, for three to five days.”
“So you’ll leave Tuesday until when?”
“Probably Saturday night.”
“Will you be ok here by yourself?”
“Yeah I’ll be fine. I’ll just call Kris if I need to.” Then she grabbed her purse and left.
Now I had a few more hours of free time. I left the kitchen to find Eddy. I looked in the living room. And everywhere downstairs. I couldn’t find him. I walked up stairs. “Eddy…Eddy where are you?”
“I’m in here.” I walked in my room. He was laying on my bed. When I walked in he sat up on his left elbow. “Come on.” He said. I walked over and curled up next to him.
“My mom’s going to be leaving Eddy.”
“What do you mean? Is she moving away or just leaving for a few days?”
“She’s leaving Tuesday morning and coming back Saturday night.”
“Will you have to go stay with your dad?”
“No I’m staying here.”
“Then I’m planning a pretend camping trip with Luke.”
“Sure they can go, while you here, being my slave.” I said.
“I think I like the sound of that.”
Then Eddy asked “What are you going to do tomorrow, while your mom’s at work?”
“I don’t know. Do you want to do anything?”
“Well there are a lot of things that I want to do. Like what we did earlier, or we can go some where. As long as I’m with you I don’t care.”
“Well I really need to get some clothes for school.”
“Cool we could take my truck up to Seattle.”
Then there was a knock at the door. “Just ignore them.”
“I really can’t.” This time Eddy didn’t try to stop me. He just followed me downstairs. I opened the door, hoping it wouldn’t be my brother, but it was. “What do you want Kris?” He was looking at the ground. He hadn’t even noticed Wyatt standing behind me.
“AJ I wanted to apologize for what I did earlier.” Then he looked up. “Eddy I’m sorry for punching you. AJ I had no right to say anything that I said earlier. Could you both forgive me?”
“Kris I can forgive you if you promise to stay out of my business.” I said. Then I stepped forward to give him a hug. Then I kissed him on the cheek. Then we both looked at Eddy. “Eddy can you forgive my brother?”
“Yes if he stays out of our business.”
“I promise I will.” Kris said. “That’s all I came to say so I’ll talk to you tomorrow.”
“Bye Kris.”
“Bye Alex.” I stood on the porch as he walked back to his car. Eddy came up behind me and put his arms around me. His head was resting on my left shoulder.
“Are you cold AJ?”
“A little.”
“Then lefts go inside.” He said. By now it was almost nine thirty.
“Eddy you should probably go home.”
“It’s getting late. Your parents will start wondering were you are.”
“If you dont want me around you just have to say so.” He started walking to the garage.
“Eddy stop…Eddy. Eddy Watson will you please stop.” He froze. I never call him by his first and last name unless I’m extremely mad at him.
“Are you mad at me?” He said sadly.
“Why do you think I want you to leave? Last night I had to beg you to stay with me.”
“But that was last night and now you’re telling me I should leave.”
“My mom wanted to make sure you were home at a decent hour. And just because it was last night doesn’t mean anything, I still want you here with me.”
“Are you mad at me?” Eddy asked.
“Eddy you always do that.”
“Do what?”
“You act like you’re mad at me and walk off. How am I suppose to feel? I mean I’m not mad at first, but then you ignore me and it makes me mad.” A tear rolled down my cheek, followed by another and another.
“AJ are you crying?”
“No. Just go home Eddy.” I turned to walk away and then his arms pulled me back to him.
“I’m sorry.” he said as he hugged me closer to him. We stood there for a couple of minutes. Then he picked up and I put my arms around his neck. Then he carried me up to my room. “AJ I’m sorry. If you still want to hangout tomorrow call me.” Then he kissed me on my forehead. He whispered “I love you.”
As he walked away I said “Eddy come back for a second.”
“I love you too.” He smiled and kissed me again, before leaving.

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