December 17, 2009
By Dr.Wys BRONZE, Smithville, Missouri
Dr.Wys BRONZE, Smithville, Missouri
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The sky is falling; streaks of pure white light fall from the sky, crashing down upon the earth. I was warned about this day, but I never thought I would live to see the end of the world. I watch from a nearby mountain as the stars crash down into the city in which I grew up in. As each building is reduced to rubble, my memories of happier times follow suit.

After an hour long assault, the bombardment ceases. I gaze out to the city; it has been reduced to nothing more than discarded rubble. I have nothing left, I do not know if anyone survived. I am truly alone in this world, without purpose.

Instead of the uniform streets, I am forced to walk on the uneven, treacherous, scattered remains of the asphalt. Every building has been leveled to the ground. The city smells of burning flesh, for there are the charred remains of my former peers scattered throughout the streets and within the piles of rubble. The scent is too much for me, and I throw up warm, burning bile. Once I regain control, I continue down the street in search of anything of use. After a few feet, I am forced to once again empty the contents my stomach. My throat screams at me, begging for water, but there isn’t any water in sight.

I head towards the city hall where underneath, is a bomb shelter. Hopefully some people made it inside. I struggle to focus, tripping over every possible rock. I fall to the ground, clenching my head and when I get up; my hands are full of my short brown hair. My head is pounding and I am drenched in my own sweat. The pain is too much, so I decide to lie down. Again I puke up more burning bile. This time, however, I can’t turn to the side and I begin to choke on my own puke. I struggle for awhile, trying to cough up the bile, but it seems in vain. I submit, and accept my death.

The author's comments:
Had to write this for a class and publish it, so here it is

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