The Prophecy of Zentu

November 30, 2009
By The_Reaper SILVER, Cupertino, California
The_Reaper SILVER, Cupertino, California
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His sad eyes looked up toward the night sky. The moon stared back at him with its glistening light. “What hope do you hold for my village? We are suffering greatly from this awful famine. Is there any future for our people?” He cried, “What have we done to upset you? Is there any way we can survive?” The wind whispered an answer to his silent prayer, “There will be three linked, to the ancestry of Hazine, the great sun warrior, who will hold the fate of Zentu in their hands.” Questions flowed through his mind like water rushing with the current. “Tell me more, please.” He said, showing no emotion, “What if they fail?” He received no reply from the Wind Sorcerer, who faded away and left an eerie silence…

“Sentei, Sentei, We persuaded Shemtee's village to trade our riches for food!” Gerdun, one of the three young dragonborn apprentices, shouted as he ran into the Mastery Room, “Quiet! Your father is having a vision!” snapped Reha, using her sharp tail to whack Gerdun in the belly, “OW!” Gerdun yelped, jumping back,

“Do you remember what to do if someone attacks?” she said, trying to use the situation as a teachable moment, “uh...block the attack, and use a counterattack?” he said, sounding unsure.
“Then do it!” She attacked him again, this time with even more force. He blocked and counterattacked using pyromancy. “Good job Gerdun.” she said. Sentei looked up from his vision, “Gerdun, I have to speak with Reha alone.”

“Okay.” said Gerdun, “I'll practice my skills with Harto and Dumen.” Gerdun left and closed the entrance to Mastery Room. “Reha, I need to tell you what the Wind Sorcerer said.” he began, “I still don't understand the prophecy, I need you to interpret it.”

“Okay, go ahead” she said with a worried glance at the door,

“He said, there will be three, linked to the ancestry of Hazine, the great sun warrior, who will hold the fate of Zentu in their hands.”

“It is them.” she said “I will do my best to train them so they won't use their powers the wrong way.”

“But how?! How could it be them?! They're so young and inexperienced! It can't be! It can't be them!” he blurted, and burst into tears as he realized...

Dumen looked outside at the full moon from his bedside window, “I wish our bellies could be as full as the moon.” Dumen sighed.
“I do too, but we have to recognize the things that we have that other villages do not. I mean the other villages have food, but we are richer than any other village.” Reha explained, “Okay you guys, that's enough for the day, we have to go to bed now.” As they separated to their appropriate rooms, Dumen noticed Sentei was still awake. “Father, why are you awake? Is something troubling you?”
“No, just checking the food supply.”
“Oh.” said Dumen, who still suspected something was wrong. The next day, Dumen had a vision.

He was sitting on a grassy hill. There seemed to be a ghostly presence lingering somewhere. Dumen felt a strange aura surrounding him. “Is that you Dumen?” said a low voice,
“It is I.” He said

“Then I am your great ancestor, Hazine.” Dumen was speechless.

“Take your time. I know what you're thinking. You cannot, see me, I am a spirit.”

“What do you want with me?”

“Ah, all in good time. But first, I shall tell you what troubles your father.”

“What is wrong? I'm really worried.”

“I know, and that's why I'm here. He is troubled by the prophecy.”

“What prophecy?”

“There will be three, linked to the ancestry of me, Hazine, the great sun warrior, who will hold the fate of Zentu in their hands,” Hazine said with pride. Realization washed over Dumen as if he just jumped into warm water.

“Strange, everything makes sense now, he's worried that we will fail.”

“Yes, he is concerned about you. Just give him a while to digest it and I'll see if I can comfort him.”

“Thank you, Hazine.”

Dumen looked around. “I must keep this confidential. Don't tell father I know.” he promised himself,

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