Facing the master part two

December 15, 2009
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“It was uhm, nothing.”

Layla works hard and fast to construct a window that we can step through to get to the rope. One thing Genocide didn’t count on is the fact that unlike most demons that just get by with the power they were born with Layla has worked night and day sharpening hers. Four minutes go by before she finishes, even though it feels like four hours. Zane, Layla, and I all step through the window and appear about 500 yards away from the rope.

“Ha-ha foolish woman,” We hear Genocide’s voice speak. “Do you really think it would be as easy as opening a window? Do you think you’re the only one who can open windows? Try this window for awhile won’t you.”

Suddenly a window opened in front of us opens, and the monster that comes forth is like nothing I have ever seen. It’s humongous, green, and scaly. It has two heads, both with large snapping jaws with rows of numerous teeth. Layla jumps at the monster, grabbing at one of its heads, trying to break its neck. Zane plants himself firmly on the ground and begins some sort of incantation. I have no idea what to do, so I start blindly picturing what I want to happen to the beast. I grab a stick and jump forward, stabbing the thing in the eye. As it lurches in pain, I begin stabbing it with the stick over and over. Finally, Zane finishes his spell, and the beast disintegrates into dust.

“How did you do that?” I ask.

“Well how did you stab something and inflict life threatening damage with a dull stick? The same way I made the same something fade into oblivion, magic. You made the creature weak with your stabs, weak enough for me to make it fade without it putting up a fight. That, and after being alive over 800 years, you pick up a few things.”

“That’s all very amazing, but where’s my sister?!” I shout.

“Over her little brother,” I hear a voice say. Turning around I see Layla over at the rope. She must have bolted over there in the midst of the battle. Zane and I dart for the rope. Then the three of us together pull, and there we were back in Genocide’s Lair.

“Well young demons, you finished the Realm remarkably fast, considering most never make it out at all. You’re more powerful than I would have guessed, but rules are rules. You are free to go,” Genocide sighs as he opens the huge doors that once entrapped us.

Zane, my sister, and I make our way down the long corridor, and step outside into the light of the demon realm. The three of us walk away into the shadows, making our way back to Layla’s cottage. It’s a long way, but all is peaceful… for now.

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