Just Another Average Freak Part two

November 17, 2009
By quirkysoutherngirl BRONZE, Bayou La Batre, Alabama
quirkysoutherngirl BRONZE, Bayou La Batre, Alabama
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Walking into my bedroom I pulled down my hair, walking over opening a door pulling out a bottle of tylenol, popping a couple of them in my mouth taking them dry. "Alex is that you?" My father was going to come up and give me the third degree now, because I was home ten minutes after my curfew. "Yeah Dad it's me." I said back, though it really hurt to talk because it sounded like church bells ringing in my head. For once my father didn't give me the third degree. It made me sigh in relief.

My father bought a house that had a huge history. It used to be a brothel. I had gotten many of the ghosts who haunted the place to go into the light, but there was just this one stubborn little girl who wouldn't realize that she was dead. She carried around an old teddy bear I named Millie, but she stole. Stupid little kid.


Damn alarm clock, it hit the wall with a loud clunk. That's when Emily started, that little girl, "Come on Lexi get up get up. Your going to be late, or Cody will kill you." Unfortunetly she knew Cody also. Though Cody couldn't see her, he knew she was there. It was funny to what him freak out when she threw a teddy bear at his head for the first time. I went to stretch and fell completely out of the bed.
"Hate early. Must kill early. "I grumbled one of my favorite Gilmore Girl quotes. My father had already left for work, he was going out of town again. I have pretty much raised my self since I was thirteen. I moved taking a shower, my headache still hadn't faded away at all.

Jeans and a tshirt this was my wardobe. There was no skirts or dresses or heels for that matter I don't want to fall and break my ankles when I have to fight ghosts. So I grabbed my backpack full of unfinished Spanish homework. Oh did I mention I'm already bi-langual? Well I am English and French, and now I'm working on Spanish because well these ghosts coming from freaking everywhere. I mean Germany, Washington, Mexico. Everywhere.

Running down the stairs grabbing an apple from the fruit bowl on the table. She ran out the door. "Hey Ive got record time this morning." I said brightly taking a bite of my green sour, but juicy apple. It was a miracle when I made it downstairs before 7:30. "Yes and our project will get us an A minus, so it will be believeable that you helped." Cody said with a teasing smile. I stuck my tongue out continuing to eat on my apple.


School. I hate school. It's not just Alba High School. It's any high school. Cody and I got out of the car with a smile. We were together as the united freaks. Well actually was more popular than me, but that was because he was a freaking god. I mean blonde hair blue eyed god. He had his girlfriends that usually got scared off when he would ask me to go do something with him before he would ask them. That was normal right? I mean me and guys just don't mix.
"Freak." One of those peppy good looking girls with blode hair and in a ponytail and cheerleading uniform sneered. I looked at her, "Aww she's getting a zit look Cody." She said nudging Cody's arm. He put on a disguisted face. "Eww that is so gross." he said before Cody and I started back to Biology erupting into a fit of laughter. It was just so easy to make those kind of girls freak out.

The library that was where I worked after school. It was a small town so the library was small, but it always had a ghost to talk to. I was puttiing books on a shelf when one showed up behind me. I could feel the hair on the back of my neck stand up. "Just speak English please." I said calmly putting another book on a shelf after checking the pages for any bookmarks.
The voice was deep and husky obviously a man in his early thirties. "I was told you could help me get a message to someone." I sighed these cases were always the most difficult. You can't just walk up to someone and say," "I'm sorry mam for your loss, but I have a message from your late husband. He said to tell you that he always loved you more than her,"" and then have the woman start bursting into tears, telling me that I was a horrible person. I'm sorry, but that didn't make me feel all warm and fuzzy. I finished putting up the rest of the books in my hand turning around to see, one of those guys who looked s**y as hell on a bill board.

He had a farmer's tan, dressed in a hat, plaid shirt, jeans, and a pair of cowboy boots. He looked to be twenty one, not in his early thirties. "Hello cowboy." I said without realizing it, and broke out into a deep scarlet blush. "So who is she and why am I giving her a message?"
His voice made my stomach felt like it was filled with bats. "She's my sister, and she thinks that she's the reason I'm dead. You see I was killed by a bull in a bull riding tournament. She told me not to ride, but I didn't. She thinks that if she would have forced me not to that I wouldn't be dead." Well if his sister had made him not ride, he wouldn't be dead. She would have felt guilty too, but he couldn't move on unless I talked to her.
"So I need a name and address." I said moving getting a piece of paper and a pen. "Morgan Allison. 7298 Lexington Lane." I jerked my head back to look at him when I heard the name and and dress. "Your the senator's son that died two years ago?" I asked half in disbelief. He looked way better like this than he did in a suit. The boy nodded. "Yes I'm Matthew Allison."

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