The Beginning: Chapter 1 part 3

October 5, 2009
By AmayaRain SILVER, Home, California
AmayaRain SILVER, Home, California
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Looking back on it now, I realize how lucky I was that day. You would think that I would be caught since vamps and weres both have powerful noses that they can smell anything from miles away. Maybe the blood of my parents covered my smell or they were just stupid, either way, it doesn’t matter anymore. The past is the past and there’s nothing you can do about it, so there is no reason to be stuck there since you have a future ahead of you, even if it might not be bright or what you wanted. Sometime though, I do wonder if maybe they did catch me, what would happen to me and what they will do. Would I die along with my parents or would they kidnap me and save me for desert? Or maybe train me to be their slave?

I went out the door that’s barely attached to its hinges after I fixed myself up. I shut the door behind me and locked the broken thing, even though locking the broken door won’t be that helpful but better be a bit safe than sorry, right? I head out towards the small town, hoping to find good and useful, but really cheep items to help me with my journey ahead of me. It’s so hot out today, I seriously thought I might die of a heat stroke rather being killed by my enemies. Most people that are out and about walking around town, hardly have anything on their skinny selves, but at least they are covering those private parts that shouldn’t be shone or seen in a public place, not that anyone would care these days.

“Hello, young one.” a man greeted me from behind.

“Good evening sir,” I replied, “Anything wrong?” I asked him since he had on such a sad looking face. He was quiet for a while before replying to me.

“Yeah, another younger went missing last night. His name is Kevin Perrish, at least that’s what everyone says his name is, er, was. Poor younger, he was 19 too.” the man frowned.

“Wow, that’s awful.”
It’s terrible to find out someone went missing, even though its been happening more and more lately that most just shove it aside.

“Yes, yes, such a cruel fate for anyone.”

A pause.

“Why is it that every time I see you, young one, you never have a single show of emotion on your pretty face, eh?”

I looked down, “Well, er, I lost them all when I was very young. I told you about it before, sir.”

“Ah, yes, I remember that story now. Well, younger, I better get off and go find my lovely wife. Told me that she has a surprise for me on my return home.”

“Ah, have fun, sir.”

He laughs, “I will, I will!” He walks off towards the rising of the sun, pushing his little cart along with him. I stood there, watching him disappear and fade out of the sunset scenery.

“Miss! Young miss who stares off in space!” A feminine voice yells at me, close by. I turned around to see a small lady who looks to be in her late fifties, sitting at a booth that only had a clear crystal orb thing sitting on top of it. As I walked closer to the table, I saw that the orb had a light blue aura inside it.

“Yes?” I asked her.

“ Do you want me to tell you how your future will be many days, or weeks away from today?”


“How much will it cost?”

“Just five cents, ma’am.”

“Sure why not. I don’t see the harm in not to, but I will pay after the reading.” She nodded at me, understanding my terms. I sat down at the small stool that was wobbly. She said some weird chant in a weird language. Defiantly not English. As she chanted, her hands circled around her small orb, causing the orb to change colors quickly. At least you know she isn’t a fake psychic who takes money from people. The orb finally stopped changing colors, landing on the color red. I’m guessing it’s not a good color to land on. Seriously, who likes the color red?

I looked up at her, her eyes closed as she concentrated on what ever she may be seeing, her brows closing in on themselves as she thought and thought.. When she finally looks back up at me, her eyes and face shows confusion and....fear?

“Well?” I asked her as she still stared at me with that look.

“Your future is very confusing. It will be filled with pain, sadness, blood, fighting, anger, and love then betrayal of someone who will soon be close to you. I tried to go deeper but all I got was red. Never ending red.” Well, now I see why she had that look on. I would be too if I was in her spot and she in mine. I mean, I am terrified at will be awaiting me sometime soon, how ever long that may be, its just...ah, forget it. Forgot what I was going to say anyways. I dug into my pockets and gave her five cents, all in pennies, and then stood up and turned around.

“Wait! May I ask you what your name is, miss?”

I turned around and looked at her, wondering if I should give her my name. In the end I did. It’s not like I’m going to see her again, right? “It’s Amaya Rain.”

“Be careful Amaya and be wise who you let get close to you. Danger awaits you”, she paused then looks up at me, “Possibly even death."

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