The Knife

May 26, 2009
By Kevin Aquino SILVER, Mt. Prospect, Illinois
Kevin Aquino SILVER, Mt. Prospect, Illinois
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I sit in this robber’s pocket waiting to come out. I don’t know when it will be, but I am ready. I might be used for violence, or I might be used for something else. After we walked for about a mile, we came to a dark mansion and went to the door. I heard the robber barrel the door over while the window in it shattered. No alarms went off so the robber and I moved on and started to walk around the empty house. The robber opened the fried and saw that there was left over meatloaf and decided to eat some since he was hungry. He pulled me out of his pocket to cut up the meat so it was easier for him to eat. After his tasty meal he put me back into his pocket and we moved upstairs. There he rummaged through drawers and closets grabbing everything he could. Then, all of the sudden, we heard footsteps from downstairs. The owner of the house came home early apparently and now we were in some trouble. The owner knew someone had broken into house and had gotten his loaded shotgun from his basement and started to look for us. He shouted throughout the house but the robber and I were hiding in the attic. He searched the first two floors and found no one. So he went upstairs to his room to see if he could find anything up there. Once he looked in every room through the whole house and knew it was time to check the only room left: the attic. He climbed the latter into the attic and saw a dark figure curled up in the corner. He quickly rushed over and found himself face to face with the robber, but what the owner did not know is that the robber had a gun as well. The two men both decided to drop their guns and fight each other with no weapons. The fight raged on for hours and then finally, the owner through a fierce right hook that sent the robber and I flying through the wall and sent us to the ground. The robber died on impact but I was still ok. When the police came they took the robber away and took me in for evidence. From that day on, I would never come in contact with robbers ever again.

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