How to make the Perfect Long Distance Relationship

January 18, 2018
By LaurenE.23 GOLD, Nashotah, Wisconsin
LaurenE.23 GOLD, Nashotah, Wisconsin
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One boy from South
One girl from North
Oceans of trust
A dash of two computers
A pinch of inside jokes
Two hearts
A heap of laughter
A sprinkle of loneliness
A droplet of longing
Pocketful of plane tickets
Three heartbeats of anxiety
25 bins of chocolate kisses
30 slices of sweet-smelling hugs
Topped with love
Take one girl from the North and one boy from the South and put in a large bowl, set aside till later.
In a medium bowl, add a dash of two computers and a pinch of inside jokes, mix until thoroughly enjoyed. While mixing add a heap of laughter to keep the mixture light.
Fold in two hearts into the medium bowl, and let it sit for 1 month.
In a small bowl, combine a sprinkle of loneliness, a droplet of longing, and three heartbeats of anxiety.
Combine the smaller bowl into the medium bowl. Mix until a gooey consistency.
Once combine, in the medium bowl, add a pocketful of plane tickets.
Now take the large bowl and combine it with the medium bowl. Gently fold in 25 bins of chocolate kisses and 30 slices of sweet-smelling hugs for extra flavor.
Set timer to “warm” and bake until it is pink and golden brown. Then coat the top layer with love. Best served every day of your life. Guaranteed to last a lifetime if stored in the hearts of both.

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