March 31, 2009
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Alice walks over to the kitchen table, sits down on a chair, and begins eating her piece of buttered toast.

Her father, WILLIAM MICHAELS, walk slowly into the kitchen from the side door. He has a frown across his face.

Next her mother, RENEE MICHAELS, walks in through the same side door into the kitchen and sits down at the kitchen table across from Alice. She looks unsure.


Honey? I’m not sure how to say

this, but your father and I have

some news to tell you. William?

William walks over closer to where Alice is sitting and then sits in the closest chair to her.


(takes a short breath)

Alice, your mother and I, we

have decided that we are going to

get a divorce.

Alice drops the last bit of toast she was about to place in her mouth on the table. She closes her eyes, then reopens them taking in a long, deep breath.



She slowly gets up from her seat and walks over to the sink. She places her plate in the sink and turns back around to her parents still sitting at the table.

Both of her parents have a confused look upon their faces. They both just stare up at Alice.

Alice glances at them one more time before walking over to her book bag. She picks up her book bag, slings it over her shoulder, and heads for the front door.


She opens the door and walks out quickly before she is able to hear their response.


She paces to her faded blue Honda car, unlocks the door, and gets inside slamming the door.


Before she can even put the key in the ignition, tears begin to fall from her face. Hastily wiping the tears from her eyes, she starts up her car, turns up the volume on the car radio, and roughly puts the car in reverse.

She backs out of the driveway without looking to see if any cars are behind her and then speeds off, the engine revving.


(to herself)

Oh my God! I need to get out of

here. If I don’t now, I,

I never will.

She continues to stare out the car windshield, driving, the loud music still playing in the background.

She stops at the stop sign, and then drives up onto the high school parking lot. She reaches an empty parking space, and pulls into it.

Alice turns off the car and pulls the key out of the ignition. She opens up the driver door. As she gets out of the car, she hits her head on the frame of the door.



(staggers up)

Damn it!

Alice stomps through the slush on the parking lot, and quickly hops onto the sidewalk. She walks forward towards the front door of the school.

She reaches for the door handle, but another pair of hands makes it there before she does.

His name is ROBERT WHITFORD. He holds the door open for her and then follows in right behind her.

Robert looks unsure and weary. He swiftly walks up to the side of Alice.


Hey Alice. How are yah?

Alice looks up, and then back down. A slight frown begins to form across her face.


Hi Robert. I’m fine. You?

Robert glances away from Alice, noticing the agitation in her voice.


Oh, same.

They continue walking side-by-side, yet in silence. Then Robert turns left and Alice continues straight.

She follows right behind a group of other students walking slowly. Then turns right and walks up to her locker.


She slowly turns the dial of the lock, but screws up, and then repeats it over. She opens her locker and just stares at it for a while. She bends over and grabs at green binder, then slams the locker shut.

Suddenly Alice feels a tap on her shoulder, so she turns forward to the person tapping.

Robert is there and so close to Alice, that Alice slightly jumps back, ramming her back into her locker.



What do you want!?



I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to catch

you off guard. But I’ve been trying

to talk to you and-

Alice starts to walk off into the crowded hallway again, looking upset and a bit ashamed. She feels Robert’s hand grabbing her arm. She tries to shake her arm out of his unsuccessfully.

She turns back around, looking angry. Robert just stands there, still holding her arm in his hand.


Please stop. Stop walking away from





(rolls his eyes)

Why do you think Alice? God!

It’s been a week of this treatment.

when’s it going to end?


(turning away)

I don’t know. I have to go.

Alice again walks away, but Robert does not stop her this time.


Alice has her back leaned up against the end of her bed. She is staring at the opened blue and gray textbook that is lying across her lap.

She glances up and turns her head to the left up to her window.

She catches herself not concentrating and snaps her head back down to the book.


Stupid English…

She shakes her head in frustration and begins reading.

She stops and looks at her green round alarm clock with the white numbers. It reads 6:17 pm.

She continues to stare blankly at it for a moment and then looks back down at the book on her lap.

Music begins playing.


Her hand quickly snatches the phone up.


She flips the phone open and puts it up to her right ear. She holds





Hey Alice! I have some news to

tell yah. You home?

The voice on the other line is Leah who is sitting in the driver’s seat of her car. The car is running but she is parked in a driveway. Her eyes wander out the windshield at the white garage door in front of her.


Yea. What is it? Bad?



Do you honestly think I would

sound this excited if it were


Alice listens to Leah’s snickering and rolls her eyes. Leah quickly continues before Alice can answer.


I’m just leaving James’.

Be there in a few!

Before Alice can respond, she hears the click of Leah’s phone. She shuts her phone closed and looks at the book lying on her lap.

Still having the phone in her hand, she lifts it up and bows her head down slightly, looking at the time on it. She reads it aloud.


Six forty-three…urgh

She puts her phone back on the floor next to her right side and again looks at the book. She starts to skim across the pages.

She grabs her book bag on the left side of her and pulls out a light green, mechanical pencil and a navy blue notebook that has “English” written in heavy dark marker across it.

She opens it up to a blank page and begins jotting down a few notes.

She snaps her head up and looks at the dark wooden closed door to her room, noticing the sound of footsteps on the stairs outside her room.

She jumps up to her feet and walks to the closed door. She begins to open it but a force from the other side pushes back, almost knocking Alice over. She rocks back on her heels, and then forward, gaining back her balance.

Leah steps around the slightly closed door into Alice’s room.


Opps, sorry. You okay?


It’s fine, I’m fine. So…what is it?

There’s a brief moment of silence before Leah begins speaking again.


Um…well you know I was over at

James’ just before I called you and

well, we were eating dinner and he,

he asked me to MARRY him!

A huge grin spreads across Leah’s face. Alice’s face stays flat.

Leah stands there staring at Alice, waiting for a reply. Alice’s face turns to shock.


WHAT!? Wha-what! Did you say YES?

Leah hunches over a bit. She looks confused and shocked.


Of course I did! Why wouldn’t

I? I love him!


Leah! That’s crazy! You are only

seventeen. You don’t know what

you’re getting yourself into!


Leah now looks frustrated and snaps right back.


I will be eighteen in less than

two months and you, you don’t know

what getting yourself into with

whatever your doing!
Leah takes a short breath before continuing.


I know what I want.


You don’t know what you want!

Married? Come on!

Alice stops, looks up in the air and then back at Leah, expelling a huff of air at the same time.


Your gonna end up stuck in this

town, like all the rest are and

not gonna be able to leave cuz

your tied down because of James!

Leah throws her hands up in the air and shakes her head back and forth at Alice.


Stop saying “married” like it’s a

bad thing! So what if I stay in

this town…not all of us find

ourselves stuck here like you do!

Leah points her finger at Alice before continuing.


And didn’t you hear me? I’m in

LOVE with James! I don’t care

where I am, as long as it’s with him.

Don’t you get it?


Yeah I get it. You’re throwing your

life away over a GUY!


What the hell Alice!? How can you

say that? He’s not just some guy

and you KNOW that.

Leah walks over to Alice’s bed and sits down on it.


(slightly calmer)

You’re my best friend. You’re

supposed to be happy for me, not

give me the third degree about it.


Fine, I’m happy for you…ecstatic.

Leah begins to stomp off towards Alice’s bedroom door. She continues to walk out the door, and begins to speak-her back towards Alice.





Alice walks over to her door and SLAMS it shut right as Leah reaches the staircase.

She listens to Leah stomp all the way down the stairs and out the front door. Leah then SLAMS the front door shut.

Alice grabs the black I-pod off the black night stand next to her bed and puts the earphones into her ears. She falls to her bed, turns the I-pod on, and cranks up the volume on it.

She closes her eyes, drifting to sleep.


Alice feels a few taps on her right shoulder. Her name is called, but she doesn’t respond. She moves around a little, mumbling, but still does not wake up.


Alice. Wake up! Come on. I have

to tell you something.


Alice’s eyes slowly open. She looks around the room, then at her alarm clock. It reads 11:39 pm. She looks over to her right side seeing her mom, Renee, sitting at her side on the bed, and then realizes the voice was her moms.

There’s a brief moment of silence. Then Alice begins speaking in a tired whisper.


Yeah mom…

Renee stares deeply at Alice.


I need you sit up. I have some

news, to tell you.

A frown covers Alice’s face as Renee says the word “news”. As she sits up on her bed, the earphones fall out of her ears.


Can this wait? I’ve heard that word

two times too many today.


(sad tone)

I’m sorry hun, but it really, can’t.



What is it mom? What’s the matter?

Renee bows her head, than slowly lifts it back up. Tears have swelled up in her eyes.




(tears falling)

Leah was driving home and she

slipped on a patch of ice. She tried

to steer the car back…but she ended

up in the ditch, the car flipped over.

Renee stops talking as tears begin streaming down Alice’s face.



Honey…she didn’t make it…

Alice bursts into tears and falls back down to her pillow. She begins to hyperventilate.


(struggling for words)

No…she ca-can’t. No…Leah, no, no.


I am so, sorry.


No! She-she’s fine.




Go away! Leave me alone!

Renee’s face is very upset looking. Alice is still sobbing, face full of pain and anger.





Renee gets up off the bed and slowly walks towards the door. She turns and glances once more at Alice. Alice is curled up in a loose ball, facing away from Renee.

Renee looks away and continues to walk out the door, delicately closing the door behind her.

Leah’s funeral was held. Go to Leah’s house for the after gathering; lots of people are there, all dressed in black. Alice can’t stand being in the house, so she sits on the porch, Robert soon sitting next to her-comforting her. Alice realizes that she loves Robert, but doesn’t tell him. Her parents stay to help Leah’s mother clean up, so Robert gives Alice a ride home. The car ride is completely silent. Robert begins to ask Alice something while walking up to her front porch, but stops, says goodnight, and leaves.


The door bell rings.

Alice walks over to the front door through the ill-lit hallway. She glances to see who it is through the small window on the wall beside the front door.

It’s Robert. She frowns, takes a short but loud breath while unlocking the door, and then opens it. Robert has a slight grin on his face.





Robert’s grin slowly fades into a frown. He stares at Alice, then looks at the open door.


Can I come in?



She turns away from him and walks back through the doorway, Robert following right behind her.


How much longer?

Alice turns her head around and looks up at Robert. She turns her head back and begins walking through the hallway, Robert still following right behind.


What you mean?

She walks into the living room and sits on the beige couch.


Robert takes off the blue and gray winter jacket he’s wearing and places it on the empty wooden chair against the wall closest to the hallway. He begins walking towards Alice.

Alice watches him as he walks towards her.


Not being at school. It’s been

a week?

Alice glances down at the wood floor.


Oh…I don’t know.

He sits down, next to Alice, on the couch. He hunches over, intertwines his fingers together, placing them on his knees. He turns his head to the side and looks at Alice.


Alice, it was not your fault.

Leah wouldn’t want you doing this

to yourself. You have to-


Rob, I just yelled at her. She

came to tell me something so

important and happy to her, and,

and I just yelled at her for it.

Alice puts her head in her hands and begins crying. Robert slides over closer to her and puts his arm around her. She takes her hands off her face.


And now she’s gone. I didn’t even

get to apologize or tell her that I

love her, and that I was dumb, and

that I am happy for her.


I think she knows that. No

matter if you got to tell her or

not. She knows.

Alice turns her head towards Robert. They stare at each other for a moment, then Alice looks away.


I just wish I could rewind time

and start over.


I think everyone does at times.

Robert looks at Alice, whose staring at the ground.


You know I’m here for you.


I know.

Alice continues to stare at the ground.


I will be…forever.

Alice looks up and at Robert. She looks slightly puzzled. They lock eyes, Robert with a light, but unsure smirk on his face.

He puts both hands on each side of Alice’s face, drawing her face in even closer to his.


I love you.

Alice looks a bit worried, but doesn’t stop Robert.

He places his lips upon hers with gentle force, his and her eyes closing at the same time.
He pulls his face slightly away from hers, looks at her once more, and then kisses her again, this time with more force.

Alice slowly moves her hands up his sides, onto his shoulders, and around his neck, pushing her lips into his and putting more fervor into another kiss.

Abruptly, Alice pulls away from Robert, her arms falling to her sides. She begins shaking her head


No. I can’t do this.


What do you mean “can’t do this”?

Alice slides further away from him and places both hands in her lap.


Everything. I’m sorry.


Alice, I love you. Whatever it

is, we can get through it. I told

you, I’m here for you.


See? I’m no good for you Rob.

Robert turns to Alice and places his fingers on her face, tenderly pushing her chin up.


Oh, but you are Alice. You are.

Alice looks into his eyes, which are gazing into hers. She looks down and begins to grimace.


Please, just go…

Robert gradually pulls his hand off Alice’s face, and gets up off the couch.

He walks over to the chair, picks up his coat, and looks back at Alice with a painful look.


Alice, I want you, but I’m not

gonna stand around and wait for

you. I’ve did that for too

long already.

He turns back around, and walks into the hallway.

Alice sits still on the couch, tears welling up in her eyes.

She listens to his footsteps and before long, the door close.

A few months pass, Alice and Robert barely talk, she doesn’t go to prom, the last week of school, exams week, goes by quickly, as does graduation. A few more weeks pass and Alice is leaving for New York. She says goodbye to her parents. Robert shows up to say bye and gives her an envelope, telling her to open it later. Shortly after, Alice gets in her car and leaves.


Alice is driving, looking out the windshield, her face, blank.

She turns her head to the left to look out the window. She stares for a few moments, but turns her head back and stares back out the windshield.

She looks down at the time on the radio. It reads 1:30 pm. She takes her right hand off the steering wheel, turns up the volume on the radio, than places it on her lap.

You and Me by Lifehouse begins to play. Alice begins to frown and turns her head to the right and down to the passenger seat.


“Alice” in thin black ink is written small across the center of the envelope.


Alice exhales profoundly and turns her head back. She glances back at the envelope again, but then quickly looks back, shaking her head back and forth.

A couple hours pass.

She takes an exit on the right. She turns right into the parking lot of a little diner called “Al’s”.

She parks in front of the restaurant and opens the door to get out. She turns back around and swiftly grabs the envelope, sliding it into the right pocket of her jeans.


She shuts her car door, turns around and begins to walk towards the front door into the restaurant. She walks up to the door, opens it, and walks inside.


Alice walks up to the front desk. A blonde, young, female HOSTESS stands there staring down at the desk.


Just one?

Alice looks blankly and a bit upset at the hostess.


Uhh yeah…


Okay follow me.

The hostess looks Alice up and down in a slightly rude way. She turns away from Alice and begins walking down the walkway to a small two-person table.


Here. You’re waiter will be

with you shortly.


The hostess walks away and Alice pulls the envelope out of her pocket. She stares at the side with her name on it for a while, before finally opening it. She sluggishly turns it around and pulls the tucked flap of the envelope out.

She pulls the letter out and begins unfolding it. She flips around the letter and begins reading it.



Dear Alice,

“Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is
essential to your own.”

Alice, if you’re happy, I’m just
as happy for you.

I will always love you.



Alice looks up from the letter, light tears welling up in her eyes, just as the waiter walks up to her table.

He looks at Alice wearily. His name tag reads COOPER. He has brown hair, tall, thinner, and looks to be in his twenties.

Alice just sits there blankly staring at the far left corner of the table.



Um, my name is Cooper.

Whatchaa want?

Alice looks up at him, whips the wetness off her eyes, and pauses for another second before speaking. A small grin forms across her face.


Nothing. Sorry. I have to go.

Alice pushes her chair out and hastily gets up from it.

Cooper looks very confused now. He steps back from the table.

Alice pulls a couple dollar bills from her pocket and places them on the table before rushing away from the table.


Thanks and sorry again for the


She hurriedly walks away from the table and soon out the restaurant door into the parking lot. She walks to her car. As she reaches her car, she grabs the keys out of her jacket pocket, unlocks the door, and gets in.


She puts the key in the ignition, starts the car up, and puts it in reverse.

She pulls out of the the parking spot, and drives up to the stop sign at the end of the restaurant parking lot.

She takes a deep breath.


Ok, Lets go.

She slowly begins to smile, while turning left, back the way she came, out of the parking lot.

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